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Cultural Awareness Quizzes

Quizzes for Culture Vultures

Culture Vulture Final

Do you think you could better the Culture Vulture?  He consistently scores over 90% on our quizzes. Up for it? 

Our mascot knows a thing or two about culture - so although he really doesn't want anyone beating his scores he loves the fact that people learn when taking the quizzes.

These quizzes are designed as a way of introducing learning points about culture through a bit of fun. Once you have finished, you'll see what you got right or wrong and your score.

Can you hit the 85% pass mark?

Fun for everyone from business professionals to school kids!


  • Cultural Awareness Quizzes - quizzes that test your general cultural awareness in both an international and multicultural settings.
  • Business Culture Quizzes - more for the travelling business person, these short quizzes inform as well as test on topics such as etiquette and conducting business.
  • Country Specific Quizzes - how much do you know about a specific country?