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Cross Cultural Awareness Quizzes & Assessments
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How well do you know your kangas from your koalas? Test your knowledge of Aussie culture, customs, people and etiquette with our fun little multiple choice quiz!

There is no time limit but there is a pass grade of 80%! Good luck!


1. ‘Tea' would be served between which times?

6pm and 8pm

4pm and 6pm

2pm and 4pm

2. Swearing is a taboo in Australian society.

3. Which of the following is an essential for business success in Australia?


A nice accent

Formal etiquette

4. The expression 'full bottle' means what in Australia?

No problem

Fully informed

The real thing


5. Business decisions in Australia are often:

Fast paced and pressured

  Slow and protracted

Complex and difficult

6. 'Australia' means:

 Unknown Southern Land

Land of Good Fortune

Southern Land of Good Weather

7. It’s rude to decline offers of food & drink from people.

8. Australians place a high value on:

Personal Achievements

Personal Appearance

Personal Relationships

9. Generally speaking, Australians love a sense of humour.

10. Who should pay for the meal at a restaurant?

The host

The guest

Split it between everyone

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