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How much do you know about different cultures, their beliefs, taboos, manners and etiquette? Try out these 20 True or False quiz questions on different nationalities and religions.

The pass score is 80%! There is no time limit.


1. The Japanese tend not to point. Instead, they wave their hand toward the object being indicated.

2. In Indonesia, patting people on the head is a sign of friendship.

3. Arriving late to a dinner party is acceptable in Mexico.

4. In Saudi Arabia, wearing sandals in public is frowned upon.

5. The “OK” gesture (a circle of the first finger and thumb) is considered vulgar in Brazil.



6. It is considered polite to reject gifts in Nigerian culture.

7. In Native American culture, when eating, children and young adults are served by the elders who always eat last.

8. Eating with your left hand is taboo in many Muslim countries.

[option1/] TRUE
[option2/] FALSE

9. In Turkey, men greet each other with kisses on the cheek.

[option1/] TRUE
[option2/] FALSE

10. In Kazakh culture, the most honoured guest at a dinner will receive the head of a ram which is then passed around the other guests.

11. Tattoos are seen as taboo to many practising Jews.

12. The feet are considered holy in Thai culture.

13. In Australia, many people believe it’s rude to sit in the back of a taxi. You should sit upfront with the driver.


14. It is rude to eat hot food on public transport in the UK.

15. Norwegians always stand up when someone else walks into the room.

16. When in a bar or pub, the Irish believe it’s good manners to just buy drinks for yourself rather for the group you are with.

17. In India, it is impolite to ask someone how much they earn.

18. Giving alcohol as a gift is acceptable in the Baha’i religion.

19. Dropping your chopsticks is bad luck in China.

20. Leaving your hair uncut is an essential practice in the Sikh religion.

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