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One culture's "come here" can mean "hey **** you!" to someone in another culture. Gestures can lead to some embarrassing situations! If you're going abroad for business then you need to make sure you know what means what.

There is no time limit - the pass mark is 80%.


1. When an Arab brings the tips of all fingers and thumb together and bobs the hand up and down, this means...

Calm down

Hurry Up

Get lost

2. In Bolivia you are waiting for a bus and when it arrives the driver gives you the so-so gesture (twisting the flat, open hand). This means...

There may be room if you give me a tip

Get on

 It's full

3. When a Pole flicks their finger against the neck it means..

You're dead

Join me for a drink

Don't test may patience

4. The OK gesture (thumb and forefinger curled in an O) means what in Japan?

Slow Down


5. A toss of the head in Finland means...


Come here


6. How should you point to something if you were in China?

With a closed fist

With an open hand

With the thumb

7. In Honduras, a finger placed below the eye means...

I'm watching you

I disagree

Be careful

8. To indicate someone is miserly, the Dutch would..

Slap their elbow

Glide the forefinger down the nose

Make a fist

9. In Belarus, when someone pokes their thumb between their forefinger and middle finger it means...

You have been beaten (i.e. in negotiations)

Go away

You will get nothing

10. If you make the V for victory sign in the UK, you must do so with the palm...

 Facing outwards

Facing inwards

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