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Our catalogue of online courses are designed for people working across cultures.

Whether it's travelling abroad or dealing with cultural diversity in the workplace, our eLearning courses improve communication and collaboration.

Learn about working and doing business with specific countries

Our country-specific eLearning courses give you access to cultural shortcuts around communication and business culture.

Click the country you want to learn more about:


eLearning Course Chinese Business Culture eLearning Course Indian Business Culture eLearning Course Indonesian Business Culture eLearning Course Iranian Business Culture eLearning Course Japanese Business Culture

eLearning Course Arab Business Culture eLearning Course Saudi Business Culture eLearning Course Thai Business Culture eLearning Course Emirati Business Culture eLearning Course British Business Culture

eLearning Course U.S Business Culture eLearning Course for Indians on American Business Culture

Learn about working with people from any culture

Our skill-specific eLearning courses give you access to insights and tools to help people manage cultural differences positively.

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Cultural Competence Course Leading Virtual Teams Course Working in Virtual Teams Course Managing Multicultural Teams Course Team Building Course

Licensing Courses

Individual licenses, can be purchased on each course page.

For team or group licenses, contact us or have a look at our FAQs page.

Customized Online Content and Courses

If you would like us to create content or produce an eLearning course for your organisation, click here.

Tailored Training

If you need tailored training, refer to our Webinars, which are more suitable for teams/organisations that need a more hands-on intervention.

Why Invest in Cross Cultural Training?

When working with different cultures, despite our best efforts, things can sometimes go wrong.

Cross cultural training is about raising our awareness so that we can prevent negative outcomes and instead manage positive ones!

Training results in...

  • Better skilled staff and heightened motivation
  • Clearer communication and more conscious collaboration
  • Enhanced competitiveness and greater credibility
  • Improved confidence and renewed focus on goals
  • Sharpened processes and greater control over outputs
  • Increased financial security and future opportunities

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