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Cross Cultural Awareness Quizzes & Assessments
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How culturally competent are you? Put yourself to the test with our Intercultural Competence Assessment.

There is no time limit.

In each of the 6 scenarios, you will be asked "what would you do?" When you answer questions, try to do so instinctively and quickly.


1. As part of your job, you are visiting a foreign country to establish links with a specific community. You attend a ‘getting to know you’ meeting which is an important part of the local culture. As the other attendees present themselves, you notice that everyone stands up and shouts very loudly as they introduce themselves. It’s your turn.

What would do you do?

Shout like the rest of them and introduce yourself
Speak as you normally would and introduce yourself

2. As part of your job, you are welcoming a visiting delegation from Burkina Faso. You must make sure they are taken care of and manage their itinerary. A week before, they send you an email in which they ask you to, “consider their needs.”

What would do you do?

Ask them to detail their needs
Just carry on as normal
Do some research on Burkinabe culture
Remind them that “when in Rome…

3. You are interviewing someone for a role in your organization. A foreign interviewee turns up wearing some very brightly coloured clothing from their home country, including headwear and jewellery. In the interview, they barely look you in the eye.

What would do you do?

I would explain they need to make eye contact and carry on
I would assume they were hiding something and carry on
I would make an excuse for the behaviour and carry on

4. You are calling a client from Japan for some business-sensitive information. Upon asking your initial question, you are met with a few seconds of silence.

What would you do?

Ask the question again in another way
Wait until the person replies
Change the topic quickly and move on

5. You have recently joined a global company. In your very first virtual meeting with the rest of your team, you ask for clarification on some recent statistics. In response, some of your colleagues laugh, a couple suck air between their teeth and the rest stay silent. The chair of the meeting, your indirect boss, simply replies, “Those are being established.” You need those statistics to complete some important tasks for your boss after the meeting.

What would do you do?

Ask, “what does that mean?” and press for some clarity for you, your boss and the rest of the team
Reply, “thank you I’ll follow up on that later” and then ask your boss for some guidance afterwards
Respond, “Ok that’s useful info thanks a bunch” and then sit back to passively watch the rest of the meeting

6. One of your colleagues who lives abroad sends you an SMS message explaining that a storm has knocked out their power and that they have to leave their homes. As a result, they won’t be doing any work and need you to take on their important tasks.

What would do you do?

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