Doing business in India? Try our multiple choice quiz with 10 questions about Indian business culture and working with Indians.

There is no time limit - Pass mark is 80%.


1. Generally speaking, criticism of staff in India should always be carried out..

In private to avoid loss of face

In front of others to display your authority

Outside the office in a social situation

2. Which of these best describes Indian society?




3. If interviewing Indian candidates for a job, which of these is not advisable?

Asking them about their family life

Asking them about their education

Asking them about their career aspirations

4. While delegating tasks to an Indian service provider, any questions you ask them are all replied to with a 'yes'. This means...

He/She is being respectful

He/She understands fully

He/She will do exactly as you ask

5. Tough, win-win and non-compromising negotiators are usually most liked in India.

6. When giving instructions to Indian staff it is recommended that you..

Write them down and distribute them

Call a casual group meeting

Approach people individually

7. A person's status in Indian society is determined by...

Personal contacts, number of children and size of house

Job title, salary and knowledge of languages

Family background, caste age and job title

8. Which would you say is more important when it comes to the Indian communication style?



9. Who are the decision makers in most Indian businesses with it comes to negotiations?

The specific manager dealing with you

The head of the family which owns the business

The negotiation team as a group

10. If you are a man and are meeting an Indian business woman for the first time you should...

Refrain from smiling and look to the ground

Put your hand out as your normally would to shake hands

Wait to see how she greets you and reciprocate accordingly

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