Do you know the difference between Pisa and pizza? Test your knowledge of Italian society, etiquette, business culture and working practices.

Pass mark is 80%. There is no time limit.


1. What should you do at the beginning of business meetings or negotiations?

Present literature on your company

Set out the agenda of the meeting

Engage in some informal chit-chat

2. Which month should you avoid booking business meetings in?




3. Which of these is good dining etiquette?

Passing dishes to the right

Letting the host pay

Answering phone calls

4. Which of these best describes the Italian attitude towards punctuality.

Italians are flexible but see deliberate lateness as simply rude

Italians are always late (it's an unspoken rule)

Italians consider any lateness rude

5. Demonstrating urgency when negotiating with Italians is a sign of sincerity.

6. What is the best way to initiate a business relationship?

Through a third party introduction

By chance - for example at a party/event

Through direct contact

7. Italians only ever shake hands when meeting one another.


8. Which of these qualities will be most beneficial when negotiating with Italians?




9. What is the most practised religion in Italy?





10. Which of these is true?

Italians do not like close personal contact

Italians are very tactile people

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