How successfully would you navigate Japanese culture? Test your knowledge with our 15 multiple choice questions covering Japanese etiquette, customs and business practices.

The pass score is 80% - there is no time limit.


1. Foreigners are expected to bow when meeting people in Japan.

2. When receiving business cards you should do so using which hand(s)?




3. Gift giving is unacceptable in relationship building in Japan.

4. Who makes decisions in Japanese companies?

A team

The boss

External experts

5. Which three words best sum up Japanese society?

Individualism, Respect and Hinduism

Altruism, Honour and Confucianism

Materialism, Work and Islam

6. Confrontation is acceptable during negotiations.

7. During a period of silence in a meeting you should...

Ask what is wrong

Break the silence by saying something

Stay silent and wait

8. The Japanese communication style is...

Explicit (direct)

Implicit (indirect)

9. Which of these should you NOT do with a business card in Japan?

Write on it

Comment on it

Place it in a holder

10. When introducing yourself in Japan, what should follow your name?

Company name

Job Title

Marital status

11. Who should you greet first when entering a meeting room?

Everyone present

The most senior person

The first person you see

12. What is the name of Japan’s native religion?




13. Where at a table does the most senior member of a Japanese team sit?

Top of the table on the right

In the middle

Does not matter

14. During negotiations, when is the best time to make concessions?




15. What three qualities are essential for the building of a good business relationship?

Professionalism, persistence and organisation

Confidence, knowledge and punctuality

  Sincerity, compatibility and trustworthiness

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