How well do you think you know Canadian culture and business practices? Try your hand at our 10 multiple choice questions about Canadian people, society, customs and business culture.

The pass grade is 80% - there's no time limit. Good luck!


1. In Canada, business gifts should....

Be modest

Be extravagant

Not be given at all

2. Direct eye-contact shows...




3. Business associates in Canada should, in the first instance, be addressed by....

Their first name only

Their title and first name

Their title and surname

4. Which two languages are most widely spoken in Canada?





5. Culturally speaking, which of these would you say Canadians value most?


6. Asking Canadians who immigrated to the country where they’re from is impolite.

7. In Canada business appointments are usually made in the....


Just before lunch

Late afternoon

8. During the early stages of building a business relationship, Canadians love to talk about their families.

9. Which of the following may be perceived as 'weird' or 'not quite right' in Canada?

A weak handshake

Direct eye contact

Wearing gloves

10. Canadians typically find it difficult to just reply 'no' to a question, especially if it obliges them in some way.

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