We all eat food but what we eat and how we eat it can be very different around the world. Test how well you know your dining etiquette in other cultures!

There is no time limit. Pass mark is 80%. Start when you're ready!


1. In India one should never offer someone food from their plate

True False

2. Dropping your chopsticks in China is considered bad luck

True False

3. In South Korea it is considered polite to:

4. Jews are forbidden from eating which of these?

5. In the Middle East, which of these should you avoid when eating in public?

6. In Belarus, what is the most popular drink in a business gathering?


7. In Bolivia bananas should be eaten with a knife and fork

True False


8. At a dinner in Hong Kong where will the guest of honour be seated?

9. In Belgium, how many times should you raise your glass when toasting?




10. Who pays for the meal in France?

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