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Commisceo - Experts in Cross Cultural Communication

A little bit about us...


Our name reflects what we are about as a company and how we go about doing things.

commisceō (present infinitive commiscēre, perfect active commiscuī, supine commixtum)

  • mix or mingle together, intermingle, combine.
  • unite, bring together, join, mingle.
  • produce by mingling.

Commisceo is Latin with a meaning of “to unite, to mix, to mingle”, in other words to bring about togetherness through interaction, through understanding and knowledge transfer.

The inference is that unity is the fruit of coming together, talking, sharing and learning.

In today’s hyper-globalised world, many businesses and organisations now want employees with the skills needed to work abroad and cross-culturally.

Great investment goes into training courses, bespoke in-house programmes, intranet content and the like in order to teach these skills.


Our goals are simple - we want to increase the peace.

We believe our training, our approach and our ethos can help break down barriers and counteract ignorance.

When we deliver our courses or consultancy services, we do so with the positive intention that people come to understand more about another country, culture, religion, person, team or company and realise that in the end people are good; people differ but in the end we also have much more in common.

Just like living with family, you give and take in order to get along.


Our company began life as another company with a different name. Founded in the UK in 2004, it provided translation, interpreting & language services as well as cultural awareness courses and business training. 

In 2014, the company was aqcuired however the owners kept the training element of the business to continue their passion. This has now become Commisceo Global Consultancy.

We Approach Cultural Training Differently

When looking at training solutions what we believe is unhealthy is the type of cultural awareness education that is simmered down to knowing dos and don'ts or learning a list of bullet points on how to negotiate with the Chinese.

This is just information. This is skin deep and in fact, we argue, it’s counterproductive as it reinforces stereotypes about a people and closes doors to alternative levels of understanding and more importanlty ways of thinking.

We take a different route. We emphasise self-critique, skills based cultural understanding and experiential learning. Our focus is more on creating ‘global mindedness’.

Our Training & Consultancy Work

You could best see us as a consultancy or training provider with a particular expertise in the areas of working globally, cultural awareness skills and international training, i.e. the building blocks of global-mindedness.

Much of what we do is designing bespoke training courses for business and organisations. We do this worldwide, in all languages, across sectors. These are either one-off workshops or can be much more detailed and long-term projects.

We are flexible, creative and collaborative in our approach which has resulted in the creation of some innovative projects over the years.

Next to our training courses we also offer consultative services such as programme design, needs analysis, training adaptation, course content authorship, emerging markets training and mystery shopping. For some clients we simply act as a sounding board offering feedback on internal learning and development.

In short, we specialise in finding solutions, building programmes, courses and content that help give people the skills needed to work globally and/or across cultures.

Other training companies will want to sell you the fact they can give your employees cultural awareness, cultural competence, intercultural sensitivity or cross-cultural communication skills.

We prefer to focus on helping your employees become people who can create relationships with others, regardless of where they come from, that result in better business performance and positive working environment.

Peace :]