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A Little Bit About Us

What does commisceō mean?

(present infinitive commiscēre, perfect active commiscuī, supine commixtum)

  • mix or mingle together, intermingle, combine.
  • unite, bring together, join, mingle.
  • produce by mingling.


'Commisceo' is Latin, meaning of “to unite, to mix, to mingle.

In other words to bring about togetherness through interaction, understanding and knowledge transfer.

Intercultural Competence Training

Our training brings people together, breaks down barriers and enhances collaboration.

We have 15+ years' experience of working with organizations around the world in helping them create training solutions that develop cultural competence in their employees.

We Approach Intercultural Training Differently

We believe it's unhealthy to dilute cultural training down to dos and don'ts or a list of instructions.

This is just information. This is skin deep and, we argue, is counterproductive as it reinforces stereotypes and closes doors to alternative ways of thinking.

We take a different route. We emphasise self-critique, skills-based cultural competencies and experiential learning. Our focus is more on nurturing flexible thinking.

Our Training & Consultancy Work

Much of what we do is designing bespoke training courses for businesses and organizations. We do this worldwide, in all languages, across sectors. These are either one-offs or can be much more detailed long-term projects.

We specialize in finding solutions, building programs, courses and content that give people the skills needed to work across cultures.

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