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Many cultures still use gifts as part of the relationship building process within business. Prior to travelling to a country for business it pays to do a little research into the local gift giving customs and etiquette.

Can you hit the pass mark of 80% and prove yourself to be a real culture vulture?


1. What colour would you suggest wrapping a gift in for a client in India?




2. When giving or receiving a gift in China, you should so do using...

 Both hands

Right hand

Left hand

3. In Belgium when should gifts be given to a host?

After the meal

Before the meal

During the meal

4. Gifts are always opened in front of the giver in Indonesia.

5. In Japan gifts are considered bribes in the commercial setting.

6. If invited to a house for dinner in Turkey, which of these would you take?




7. In Bolivia what colour flowers would make a poor choice for a gift?




8. Why would you not give a Brazilian a knife for a gift?

It represents the cutting off of a head

It represents the cutting off of a relationship

It represents the desire to marry the recipient's daughter

9. Which of these gifts is the most appropriate for a Saudi business associate?

Gold watch

Silver Pen

Silk Tie

10. Gifts are always reciprocated in South Korea and should always be..

More expensive

Equal worth


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