Is the UK a republic? See if you can answer that and 9 other multiple choice questions about British society, etiquette, customs and business culture.

Pass score is 80%. There is no time limit.


1. The UK is a republic.

2. At what position of the clock should the knife and fork be placed when a dinner guest has finished their meal?




3. It’s widely considered to be rude to eat hot foods on buses and on the underground (metro).

4. Which best describes the British communication style?

Polite and diplomatic

Blunt and factual

5. The UK is a monocultural country.

6. What is the name of the UK flag?

The Jolly Roger

The Union Jack

The St George

7. If looking for a topic to spark conversation, which would work best in the UK?




8. How do people in the UK greet one another?

Shake hands


Nod their heads

9. What does it mean when the host of a celebratory gathering ‘proposes a toast’?

That the first course is to be served

To commemorate a person or event

That it is time to go home

10. Which value do you think British business culture places most priority on?




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