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Cross Cultural Awareness Quizzes & Assessments
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What religion has a great influence over Korean culture? See if you can answer that and 9 other multiple choice questions about South Korean etiquette, values and business practices.

The pass score is 80% - there is no time limit so don't rush!


1. When meeting a Korean on business, how should you address them?

With title and surname

With surname

With first name

2. Gifts are exchanged in business as...

Bribes and gaining favours

A way of showing need

A way of strengthening relationships

3. When receiving a business card you should do so with...

Left hand propped up with right hand

Both hands

Right hand only

4. When receiving a gift it is good etiquette to...

Kiss the givers right shoulder

Cry and pretend to be blown away by the gesture

Accept it with the left hand while shaking hands with the right

5. Putting business cards into a trouser pocket is considered rude.

6. If you were to buy a Korean one of these gifts, which would be the most suitable?

Business stationery

Craft item from your own country

Korean chocolates

7. How do Koreans greet one another?

Rub noses



8. Maintaining direct eye contact is considered good etiquette, especially when in front of seniors.

9. Which of these religions has an influence over Korean culture and values?





10. When reciprocating in gift giving, what should you do?

Make sure the gift you give in return is more expensive.

Make sure the gift you give in return is of equal value/worth.

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