You could get a frosty reception in Sweden if you don't know your etiquette! Test how well you know Swedish culture, customs and business practices.

The pass score is 80% and there is no time limit.


1. Which of these should you be during business meetings?

Informal and humorous

Precise and factual

Quiet and reserved

2. When involved in a group conversation which of these is poor etiquette?

Having hands in pockets

Openly disagreeing

Interrupting others

3. When negotiating, pressure tactics are a requisite.

4. Which of these is the most dominant social value in Sweden?




5. A toss of the head means...

Come here


Go away

6. Outward signs of status and wealth are frowned upon in Sweden.

7. The majority of Swedes are...




8. Swedes make business decisions based on...





9. When negotiating with Swedes, which of these should you avoid?

Getting emotional

Offering concessions

10. When shaking hands, which of these is true?

Gloves must be removed

Women do not shake hands with men

Handshakes are long affairs

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