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Global Training & Consultancy Services

Consultancy in Cross-Cultural Learning & Education

Global Training Consultants

We love our cultural consultancy work; getting our teeth stuck into ‘live’ business issues for a client always tests our creative jaws.

We get to take the time out to connect with clients, to understand their goals; the wider context is so important for us.

Our magic is in translating our clients' needs into something tangible in a way that helps people interact, think, reflect and learn.

Examples of some of the cross-cultural consultancy we have recently developed, designed and delivered include:

  • Authorship of global business guides covering 50+ countries for an American University
  • Creation of a self-study guide to cultural awareness for an international trade body
  • Mystery shopping & customer service improvement report for a worldwide fashion brand
  • Translating, localizing and delivering a corporate training course to new employees in Russia
  • Advising the sales team of a global electronics manufacturer on how to prospect and win sales in Middle East
  • Development of a global leadership strategy for talent management stakeholders at a global bank

We are able to cover many areas, however our strenghts are in the areas of course design, online learning, strategy, content creation, communications, marketing, cross-cultural skills, global mindedness, sales and emerging markets.

We are flexible and we don’t shy from a challenge.

If you have an idea you want to explore, a project to discuss or a thought to share, please contact us as we would love to hear more.