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Cross Cultural Awareness Quizzes & Assessments
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How much do you know about Saudi Arabia, its people, culture, customs and business practices? Put yourself to the test with 10 simple multiple choice questions.

You have to hit 80% to pass. There is no time limit.


1. Which describes the Saudi management style best?



2. Most Saudi children are raised by their:




3. Saudis tend to be very indirect in their communication style because:

They want to protect face

They are culturally shy

They want to have the upper hand

4. If you are invited for ‘kabsa’, what would you be eating?

Meat and rice

Bread and cheese

Pasta and sauce

5. Foreign women have to wear headscarves in Saudi Arabia by law.

6. Which of these would be the best gift to take to a Saudi home?

Sweet pastries

Cash in gold envelope

Soft drinks

7. What does ‘ibn’ mean in someone’s name?

Son of

Father of

Daughter of

8. Which holy city is located in Saudi Arabia?




9. What should you remove before entering a home, mosque or even some offices?




10. Most Saudis are Shia Muslims.

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