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Cross Cultural Awareness Quizzes & Assessments
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Doing business with China? Then test your knowledge of Chinese business culture with our 10 question multiple choice quiz!

There is no time limit. Can you hit 80% to pass?


1. You and your team are meeting with Chinese counterparts for a business meeting in Beijing. Who should enter the room first?

The most junior of your party

The most senior of your party

The host's representative that met you

2. If in China, which of these should you avoid?

Touching and physical contact

Speaking about family

Silence during conversations

3. During negotiations the Chinese keep mentioning that the proposal is 'unworkable' and that they fear agreement will not be met. What should you do?

Offer concessions to save the deal

Display some anger to demonstrate your commitment to the partnership

Suggest an end to the negotiations and assess their reaction

4. Which of these would should you avoid when giving gifts?

Anything in 4s




5. What is the most appropriate way to address a Chinese client?

Surname preceded by title

First name only

6. During negotiations in China it's always a good idea to inflate your initial price.

7. You are the manager and are holding a meeting with Chinese subordinates. One of them makes a suggestion to help overcome a current problem. It's a very silly idea. What do you do?

Speak bluntly and expose why the idea is not workable. The Chinese respect plain speaking.

Acknowledge the suggestion and state that you will think about it.

Reprimand the colleague. In China it is rude to make suggestions to the boss.

8. Which of these has the most influence on a person's rank?




9. You are hosting a delegation of Chinese business people. Where should the most senior of them be seated in the meeting room?

At the head of the table

To the right of your most senior representative

Where they choose to

10. It's a nice touch to wrap gifts in...?


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