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How NOT to Build Business Relationships with Americans


Cultures build relationships in different ways.

Understanding these cultural differences can be the difference between success and failure.

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What 3 Cultural Differences should Americans know when Working with the French?


If you’re from the USA and work with the French, then it’s a good idea to understand the culture.

French people are incredibly proud of their heritage and cultural identify.

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The Impact of Culture on COVID-19 Cases and Deaths


Is there a correlation between culture and the COVID-19 pandemic?

This is a question we’ve posed before in previous blogs.

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5 Dos and Dont's of USA Email Etiquette


Since email etiquette varies greatly across cultures, it can be hit and miss if you don’t understand the expectations of the people you are emailing.

Being unaware of the social cues or cultural norms of your recipient puts you at risk of miscommunicating or causing offense.

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Cultural Differences between The U.S. and Saudi Arabia in Business


If you’re American and new to doing business with Saudis, then this blog is for you.

In it we will give you a quick-fire overview of some of the most common challenges faced by the two cultures when doing business.

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5 Weird Things Americans Do


Every country has its quirks, right?

Well, the Land of Hope and Freedom is no different.

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Can Cultural Differences Explain How Countries Approach COVID-19?


Culture is everywhere; whether you know it or not.

It influences everything from how we get married, do business with one another and yes, deal with a pandemic.

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Is American Culture Killing People in the Fight Against Covid-19?


Do cultural commitments to ideas like freedom and liberty help or hinder Americans in their plight?

In this blog we’ll explore how American culture and values are potentially harming the country’s ability to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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10 Common Cultural Differences when Working with Americans


Depending on your own culture, working with Americans can be challenging.

When delivering cross-cultural training we get to hear many of the challenges facing professionals when working in the USA or with Americans remotely.

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What is the Business Negotiation Culture in the USA?


Imagine you’ve been asked to play an unfamiliar board game and that you’re instructed to play it without any understanding of the rules.

You soon begin to irritate other players by making mistakes and getting things wrong and, after a while, the game becomes a stressful and confusing experience.

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Chinese Firms Face Tough Cultural Challenges in US Marketplace


We hear a lot in the news about cultural differences with Western companies going East, but rarely about Eastern companies coming to the West.

A great little article in the South China Morning Post by Mark Magnier suggests that when it comes to navigating different business cultures, Chinese companies are finding very similar challenges when working on the global stage, especially in the USA.

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How is Thai Culture Different to American Culture?




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Exporting to The USA from The UK - Cultural Differences



With talk of a mega trade deal between The USA and The UK, British business is gearing up for a potential export rush across The Atlantic.

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Are American and Iranian Cultures Really So Different?

Are American and Iranian Cultures Really So Different?

Once again, tensions between America and Iran are high; inspiring the usual flurry of media accounts keen to elaborate on the cultural and political differences between the two countries.

While, in the West, we depict the USA as ‘free’ and democratic, Iran, is typically reported as oppressive, authoritarian and in the grips of ‘crazed’ mullahs.

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Cultural Differences When Working in The USA

Cultural Differences When Working in The USA

Did you know that the USA is one of our most in-demand countries in terms of cross-cultural training?

We support a diverse spectrum of business professionals from across the globe who work with Americans by helping them understand the culture, and specifically the business culture.

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Quirky Cultural Facts About The US of A

Quirky Cultural Facts About The US of A

We spend most of our time at Commisceo working on serious cultural stuff, such as, how to negotiate successfully with the Americans, or, how to give good service to American customers.

Every so often however, we feel that need to go off at a tangent and indulge in some of the quirkier aspects of culture!

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Three Key Cultural Differences for Indians Working in the USA

Three Key Cultural Differences for Indians Working in the USA

Did you know that Indians form the second largest group of immigrants in America, with Mexicans taking the top spot?

Although Indian expats may enter the US with a typically high level of education under their belts and a strong work ethic, they often find cultural differences between the US and India quite a challenge.

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Place Name Disputes Everyone in Global Business Should Know About

Place Name Disputes Everyone in Global Business Should Know About

President Trump’s recent speech outlining his stance on the Iran nuclear-deal has caused outrage among Iranians, not for his position on the deal and potential new sanctions, but for his knowledge of geography.

When referring to his decision to withdraw presidential certification for the Iranian-deal, Trump stated that Iran’s regime “harasses American ships and threatens freedom of navigation in the Arabian Gulf and in the Red Sea.”

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Cultural Diversity Explains Why Americans Smile So Much

Cultural Diversity Explains Why Americans Smile So Much

Researchers believe they have finally disovered why the wide, white-teethed smile is so important in American culture - immigrants and cultural diversity.

Across different cultures, a smile can mean many things. In more expressive cultures such as the USA, where showing emotions is not necessarily a bad thing, and in which hierarchy and social differences are less acute, the smile is a lot more common.

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Dear President-elect of the United States

Dear President-elect of the United States

What is clear from your election campaign is that if you are truly going to be a President for "All Americans", then you need some help.

Let's talk straight Mr. T - you've alienated people. Mexicans and Muslims are probably hiding under pillows while Chancellor Merkel and President Xi Jinping are already worried about you embarrasing them.

Some of your campaign messages and sentiments displayed immense bias, premised on stereotypes, informed by a myopic interpretation of our world. What you need is some training, some coaching and some loving.

You have "Great" ambitions - but these can never be realised without embracing the positivity of cultural diversity at home and abroad.

So, Mr, President-elect of the USA, we are offering you access to our consultancy, our courses, our training - anything you need.

We could design a course about Islam for you, a training session on doing business with Mexicans, a workshop on self-awareness and unconscious bias or how about some diplomatic etiquette training to prepare you for global summits? Whatever you need - we will help.

So give us a call and let's get to work!


Knowing you are a big fan of Twitter, we have also started a hashtag #mytip4trump for people to send you tips on working across cultural lines.

This is going to become an amazing resource for you - people will have tips for you on your foriegn diplomatic visits, how to address certain ethnic minorities at home, how your communiation style may need tempering or simly some tips on how to become more aware of cultural differences.

You're welcome!
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