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 Experts in Country-Specific Cross-Cultural Training

Experts in Country-Specific Cross-Cultural Training

Looking for cultural insights into a particular country? We have been designing and delivery cultural awareness courses for +10 years - flexible, tailored, quality global training whether SME or FTSE500.

lebanese business culture courses

  • Understand cultural and communication differences between Lebanon and your home country
  • Learn how to read cultural signals while in Lebanon and how to respond to them appropriately
  • Discover how to develop fruitful relationships which accelerate your Lebanese business goals

Who Do Our Training Courses Help?

  • Staff members who are experiencing challenges when doing business with Lebanese counterparts
  • New venture staff looking to identify or progress business ventures in Lebanon
  • Merger or acquisition staff with an interest in Lebanese based businesses

We help a wide range of clients entering the Lebanese market; retailers, multinational brands and services companies – so, whether you are looking to export, relocate or market your product, we are here to help you understand the aspects of Lebanese business culture that you need to succeed.

Our cultural awareness courses are suitable for anyone who deals with Lebanon, does business with Lebanese companies or who needs to understand Lebanese culture for business purposes.

Case Study - Promoting Partnership

Our client, a prominent player within the oil and gas industry, was considering a potential new venture within Lebanon. With existing experience working within this part of the world, Commisceo were commissioned to work with members of the project team who were new to the region.

Following the bespoke training course, delegates were better positioned to interact positively with their Lebanese (and other mixed culture) counterparts. They had developed a greater understanding of communication dynamics, approaches to time, meeting etiquette and decision making.

This understanding ensured that potential misunderstandings, due to cultural difference, were avoided and that the project timescales were largely delivered to time scale and within expectation.


Learning Lebanese Culture: Courses and Content

We know that culture is multifaceted, and so too are the courses commissioned by our clients. We create personalised training courses that are specially made to meet our client’s needs.

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Training components are typically (but not always) customised in line with the following high level areas:


  • Culture and its implications on the workplace - establishing a framework
  • Developing cultural self-awareness and cultural sensitivity
  • How culture impacts business and how to break stereotypes and misconceptions
  • The impact of identity on Lebanese business practice

Lebanon today

  • Defining Lebanese culture and values
  • Location, demographic, geography, regional differences, history and business environment
  • Religion, gender and diversity – multicultural Lebanon
  • Social, economic and political climate of Lebanon
  • Lebanon and its global position

Doing Business in Lebanon

  • General guidelines on doing business in Lebanon
  • Management structures and styles
  • Communication effectively with colleagues at different levels within an organisation
  • Communication style
  • Virtual communication: email, telephone and video conferencing
  • Presenting to a Lebanese audience
  • Networking in Lebanon
  • Understanding the public/private sector dynamic
  • Sector specific insights

Daily Life in Lebanon – For Relocation Training

  • Planning your relocation to Lebanon
  • Where to live – overview of your local area
  • Getting around
  • Cost of living
  • Leisure and clubs
  • Shopping
  • Making new friends
  • Basic information on medical and health system
  • Basic information on education system
  • Coping with the climate
  • Homesickness and dealing with culture shock
  • Making the most of your time in Lebanon: weekends and leisure

The areas we cover are not limited to those above as, since all our training development is client led, we naturally deal with a vast array of subjects. 

Enriching Training Style

We want people to leave our courses feeling enriched and fulfilled. We don’t believe this is possible unless we create a course and environment that is positive, engaging, excites and makes you feel open to receiving new information. For us, the two most crucial ingredients in any course are relevance and fun.

  1. We ensure that the training is relevant by spending time consulting with our clients while developing the course to guarantee it meets their needs
  2. We keep it fun by making it all about interactivity, self-exploration and challenging exercises

Our trainers lead the way in training and coaching developments and are constantly introducing and using new methods and techniques.

Whether you want a traditional group training course or an elaborate fantasy role-play, we deliver.

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