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Online Webinar Training: Working with U.S. Americans

Trainer used fantastic case studies and scenarios.

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* If you are looking for off-the-shelf training on U.S. business culture, then >>> refer to our online course.

Our tailored webinars are ideal for anyone looking for hands-on training and expert advice on how to work effectively with Americans.


We teach the insights, shortcuts and skills needed to ensure learners drive successful outcomes by masterfully navigating U.S. business culture.


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Cultural Awareness is Key!

Through learning about American culture and in particular, American business culture, your team will be able to:

  • Present themselves positively
  • Communicate clearly
  • Anticipate challenges
  • Manage expectations
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Handle conflict


FAQs - Online Cultural Training Webinars 

Here some quick answers to some commonly asked questions about our USA cultural training via webinar.


Who are the webinars for?

Literally anyone who works with U.S. Americans in any capacity.

They are ideal for organisations that already work in America or those looking to better understand the country prior to venturing in.


How many people can we have on our webinar?

It’s up to you. We have delivered to hundreds before but obviously this would be more of a presentation as opposed to an intimate coaching session.


How long are they?

Again, this is up to you. It could be 1, 2, 4 or 6 hours or could even be a series of webinars delivered over the course of weeks.


What can you teach us about the USA?

Our experts can pretty much focus on whatever aspects of U.S. American culture that you like, whether than be about business or society in general.


Can we record the webinar?

Absolutely. Learners will receive an MP4 recording of the training once the webinar is complete. We are also able to edit the webinar and upload it onto an online learning platform, with quizzes, case studies and resources for future learners. Learn more about our Custom Course Development.


Who are your experts?

Our cultural training webinars are designed, developed and delivered by culture and business training professionals with a thorough personal knowledge of living, working and doing business in the USA.


Do you cover any other countries?

Indeed, we can cover most countries in the world but our main areas of focus are:

Middle East
Saudi Arabia
South Korea

Cultural Training - Agenda

The contents of any cultural awareness webinar are tailored according to the needs of the learners and the organisation.

Our experts carry out a needs’ analysis prior to the webinar, ensuring its contents, style and delivery are in line with expectations and requirements.

Here are some examples of popular topics we frequently cover in webinars.


1. Understanding the USA
2. The Communication Style
3. Working with Americans
4. Working Virtually with the USA
5. Making a Good Impression
Core Learning
The American's world view
Identity, values and beliefs
Diversity, regonalism and multiculturalism
The approach to communication
Common communication challenges for foreigners
Strategies for effective communication
Building trusting, productive relationships with counterparts
Strategies to navigate important business processes such as negotiations, sales, presentations and meetings etc.
Tips on how to enhance collaboration
Strategies to ensure effective virtual communication
Dos and don’ts when working virtually
Key tips for e-mail, telephone and teleconferences
Cultural no-nos, taboos and etiquette
Working as a team and formalities
Relationship building and socializing


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