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Middle East Cultural Awareness eLearning Course

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If you’re looking for an e-learning course on the Middle East and Arab business culture, then you’re in exactly the right place!


Our online course is ideal for individuals and organisations.

It's packed full of information and insights into the region, its business practices, communication style and etiquette.

The free version of our course is abridged but we also offer upgraded licenses (single, group and organisational) with full access.

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Course Contents

The course is made up of 8 chapters exploring a wide range of topics about the Middle East, the Arab people, their values and approach to doing business.

Here's an overview:


1. Intro & Aims
2. Cultural Understanding
3. The Middle East
4. Understanding the People
5. Doing Business in the Middle East
6. The Communication Style
7. Etiquette Tips
8. Learning Summary
Key Learning
+ Framing the course content and its benefits to foreigners working in the region.
+ Uncovering the what cultural awareness means, exploring self-awareness and stereotypes.
+ Learning about the history of the region, the religion of Islam and identity in the region.
+ Learning about some of the key values in the region such as honour and shame as well as the role of hospitality and spirituality.
+ Understanding core Arab values in business and their impact on the local way of doing things.
+ Exploring the Arab approach to communication, how they show politeness, give opinions and manage disagreements.
+ Appreciating common taboos and etiquette to ensure foreigners present themselves positively when in the region.
+ Summary of course learning points and guidance on assessment and certificate.

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