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FAQs - Online Courses, LMS, SCORM, Resellers

If there’s one thing our clients need, it’s the flexibility to be able to do things their way.

We make this possible through a range of access options.

Regardless of your LMS or format preferences, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

While some clients want their learners to access training via the Commisceo LMS, others prefer to upload our courses to their in-house LMS training platform.

To help you decide what might work best for you, we’ve prepared a FAQs list.


1. “What is an LMS?”

LMS essentially stands for Learning Management System.

An LMS, is an application that allows training departments and providers to deliver online /eLearning courses in a seamless and well-structured format.

If the concept of an LMS is new to you, then take a moment to think about all the separate building blocks which go together to make up a typical e-Learning or online training course. These building blocks ordinarily include training videos, case studies, quizzes and evaluation forms.

An LMS allows training providers and L&D teams to upload the individual building blocks into a single space and to ‘knit’ them all together in a learning path that takes learners seamlessly through their learning journey.

If we use the idea of a house as an analogy, then the bricks that go into making up the house are of no use individually. They need to be blended together and structured to make them meaningful. You can think of the quizzes, case studies and learning videos as the bricks, whilst the LMS forms the house.

If you don’t have an LMS, or an LMS training platform, then contact us to discuss your options.


2. “What is a SCORM File?”

SCORM is essentially a formatting term, which stands for Shareable Content Object Reference.

LMSs are typically built to ‘accept’ SCORM files. LMSs that don’t accept SCORM files are in the minority and are not too appealing to users that want a wide range of choice when accepting courses.

The level of consistency offered by SCORM files, means that L&D departments can confidently upload a single SCORM file onto their LMS with the knowledge that their LMS will successfully ‘read’ it.

The SCORM file typically includes the learning path and all the relevant documents; allowing those responsible for uploading it to an LMS, to do so in a single activity.

They are not responsible for mapping and organising the learning journey of the programme as all the building blocks are already in the right place – for example:

1. Training Video 1
2. Quiz 1
3. Training Video 2
4. Quiz Two
5. Training Video 3
6. Case Study 1 and so on


3. “How Do We White Label Commisceo Courses?”

All our courses are branding-free meaning you can use or sell them as your own.

There are a couple of options for organisations that want to white label our e-Learning / online cultural training programmes.

1. SCORM File – If you have your own LMS, then we would simply send you the SCORM file for upload on to your system. We have an annual fee for hosting the training programmes on your site. If you don’t have an LMS, but prefer this option, then let us know and we can advise you on your best options.

2. Embedded Links – If you don’t have an LMS, then we can send you links to the training videos to embed in your intranet or similar. Although this option works well – it means that thought needs to be given to the way in which learners will access the non-training video course building blocks such as quizzes and resources. We can talk you through the options.


4. “How Do We Get the SCORM Files?”

We’ll send you the SCORM file for your chosen training course.



5. “Can Our Staff Access Courses Via Your LMS?”

Yes, absolutely.

We just need a list of learner names and their email addresses. We’ll agree with you when you’d like the invites to be sent out and we’ll send you regular progress and completion reports to keep you up to date with learner progress.

This is often a far easier option for our clients as it means that the onus is on us to:

  • Send the pre course instructions to the learners
  • Deal with any queries
  • Create performance and progress reports
  • Issue certificates


Fees depend on the number of licenses purchased, with discounts for group licenses.


6. “Can We Modify a Course to Meet Our Needs?”

Not a problem!

We’ll discuss your needs with you and advise how the course might change to meet learner needs more closely.

Whether it’s a change to the quizzes, to include scenarios directly related to your work- place, changes to resources, subtitling, or changes to the training videos, we can help.

Once this is all done, you can then decide whether you would like the course as a SCORM file for simple upload to your LMS, or, whether you would rather learners access the course from the Commisceo Global Consulting LMS.


7. “Do You Offer Any Sort of Blended Learning Options?”

For many of our clients the upload of a SCORM course to their LMS, or, licensing arrangements, is great for ensuring broad training coverage for their staff.

However, although our courses give learners excellent strategies to ensure they are confident when navigating other cultures, the human touch is sometimes necessary to explore more personal or complex challenges.

In these situations, we recommend that the SCORM / eLearning course access is blended with a live webinar, delivered by one of our culture and country experts.

Our cultural training webinars are a great way of ensuring that learners are well supported by an expert team and that they get the insights they need.

Our webinars can also be recorded, created as SCORM files and uploaded to your inhouse LMS.


8. “Are Your LMS Courses for Sale?”

No, our LMS courses are for license rather than for sale.

Licensing fees depend on number of courses, number of learners, the LMS Platform that the course will be hosted on and the number of years the license is needed for.


9. “Can you Develop Bespoke e-Learning Courses for Us?”


We regularly design and develop specific courses for specific clients. These can be country-specific, skill-specific or a combination of both.

Please get in touch with one of the team to discuss what sort of course you are looking for.


10. “ Where Can I Access your LMS Course Catalogue?”

Since we regularly add new training titles, our course catalogue is constantly evolving.

If you have a training title that you would like to see added, then let the team know. Where possible, we will prioritise it in our course development plans.

Our current titles are listed below.


With our online eLearning cultural training courses so easily available, why are you waiting?

Contact our training team to discuss how we can help you develop or implement courses for your business.