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Saudi Arabia Cultural Awareness eLearning Course

Saudi Arabia cultural awareness online course feedback


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Our ready-to-go e-Learning course is perfect for individuals and teams who want to learn about Saudi business culture, communication, and etiquette.


The insights and tips offered, will equip learners with the confidence to navigate cultural differences and the conviction to succeed when working with Saudis.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

The course gives learners an excellent working knowledge of Saudi culture that will enable them to:

  • Make a great impression and avoid cultural faux pas
  • Communicate clearly and handle conflict with care
  • Manage Saudi expectations and reduce wasted time or delays
  • Anticipate challenges and solve problems respectfully
  • Improve negotiation skills and persuade convincingly


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What's Covered in the Course?

This online cultural awareness course is made up of 8 chapters.

Each one focuses on specific aspects of the culture, the people, their religion and their approach to work and business, giving learners a holistic introduction to Saudi Arabia.


1. Overview
2. Religion
3. Royal Family
4. Values
5. Communication Style
6. Business Culture
7. Etiquette & Taboos
8. Stereotyping
Key Learning
+ Framing the course content and its benefits to foreigners working with Saudis.
+ Uncovering the key influences of Islam in Saudi society, its core beliefs and how it shapes identity.
+ Learning about the role of the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia and its importance within the local culture.
+ Understanding core Saudi values and their impact on local culture and the way of life.
+ Exploring the Saudi approach to communication, how they share information, show politeness, give opinions and manage disagreements.
+ Covering critical aspects of Saudi business culture, such as relationship building, consensus building, negotiations and meetings.
+ Appreciating common taboos and etiquette to ensure foreigners present themselves positively.
+ Affirming that when working with anyone from Saudi Arabia, it is important not to draw upon stereotypes.


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* If you are looking for tailored training on working with Saudi Arabia, then > refer to our webinar.

Here some answers to some common questions we receive about our Saudi Arabia e-Learning course.


Who is the course for?

Professionals working in Saudi Arabia, moving to Saudi Arabia or those working remotely/virtually with Saudis.

As our audience mainly come from N. America and Europe, it addresses many of the common challenges faced by people from this part of the world.


Are there any prerequisites for learners?

Not really as it’s aimed at all levels of learners.

Some knowledge of cultural awareness would be useful but not necessary. We have a course available should any learners want to expand their knowledge.


How many people can take the course?

It’s up to you.

We have no limits. We will give all your learners their own logins and they can take the course in their own time.

We can even give you a report on your learners’ progress..


Is there an assessment for the course?

Oh yes!

The assessment is carried out during the course. This is via multiple choice questions as well as questions based around case studies and workplace scenarios which test comprehension and application of newly acquired knowledge.


Do learners receive a certificate?

Of course.

Once completed all learners can download their certificate for inclusion in their professional portfolio.


Do you offer courses on any other countries?

We currently offer online courses for:

Middle East
USA for Indians


If you have a question left unanswered, please get in touch and let us know.



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Develop Your Own e-Learning Course on Saudi Arabia

If you would like to use our online course or to adapt it to your own needs, then it’s very easy.

We can design and develop new content or amend current content, to fit your specific requirements – whether that be in using specific case studies, changing quiz questions or anything else.

Read more about our Custom eLearning  cultural training courses.


Blended Learning

Although the e-Learning course is perfect as a stand-alone solution, it can also be used as part of blended learning.

Teams looking for tailored support or specific insights on working, or doing business with Saudis can participate in a follow-on cultural training webinar or online coaching, tailored to meet their needs.


Team & Group Licenses

As well as individual licenses, we also provide team, group and organisational licenses.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how you can license our course.

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White labelling & Reselling

All our e-Learning courses are also available for white labelling and reselling.

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