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Iran Cultural Awareness eLearning Course

Iran cultural awareness online course feedback


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Our ready-to-go eLearning course is ideal for individuals and teams who want to learn about Iran, its business culture, communication style and etiquette.

The insights and tips offered will help learners working with Iranians navigate cultural differences with confidence.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

When working in Iran, or with Iranians, learners will be able to:

  • Make a good impression and avoid cultural faux pas
  • Respond appropriately to Iranian expectations and avoid confusion
  • Communicate clearly and handle conflict carefully
  • Anticipate challenges and solve problems respectfully
  • Enhance professional reputations and secure long-term success


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What's Covered in the Iran Course?

Our off-the-shelf online course consists of 6 chapters focusing on the topics below.


1. Cultural Understanding
2. Understanding Iran
3. Religion and Shia Islam
4. Iranian Values and Mindset
5. Working in Iran
6. Social Life and Preparation
Learning Objective
+ To understand the impact of culture on how we perceive 'them' and vice-versa.
+ To learn about the complex make-up of the people including identity, history and politics.
+ To appreciate the role of religion in everyday life in Iran and the influence of Twelver Shi'ism on the Iranian culture.
+ To explore common values in Iranian culture and how they translate into beliefs and behaviour.
+ To cultivate a better understanding of Iranian expectations around work and common challenges for foreigners.
+ To get tips and cultural shortcuts for those spending time in Iran.


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* If you are looking for tailored training on working with Iranians, then > refer to our webinar.

Here some answers to some commonly asked questions about our Iran e-Learning course.


Who is the course for?

It’s aimed at professionals who may be moving to Iran for work (long-term or short-term) as well as those who work with Iranians virtually/remotely.

As our audience is mainly from Europe (France, Germany, UK, etc), it addresses many of the common challenges faced by Westerners.


How many people can take the course?

It’s up to you.

We will give all your learners their own logins and they can take the course in their own time.

We can even give you statistics on your learners’ progress as and when you want it.


Is there an assessment for the course?

Yes indeed.

The assessment is carried out during the course via multiple choice questions as well as questions based around case studies and workplace scenarios. These test comprehension and application of knowledge.


Do learners receive a certificate?

Of course.

Once completed all learners can download their certificate and show it off to everyone they know!


Do you offer courses on any other countries?

We currently offer online courses for:

Middle East
Saudi Arabia
USA for Indians


If you have a question left unanswered, please get in touch and let us know.


Develop Your Own e-Learning Course on Iran


If you would like to use our online course or to adapt it to your own needs, then it’s very easy.

We can design and develop new content, or amend current content, to fit your specific requirements – whether that be in using specific case studies, changing quiz questions or anything else.

Read more about our Bespoke eLearning cultural training courses.


Blended Learning


Although the e-Learning course is perfect as a stand-alone solution, it can also be used as part of blended online learning.

Teams looking for tailored support or specific insights on working, or doing business with Iran can participate in a follow-on cultural training webinar or online coaching, tailored to meet their needs.


Team & Group Licenses


As well as individual licenses, we also provide team, group and organisational licenses.

Our e-Learning course is available in SCORM or we can also host your course and learners on our own LMS.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how you can license our course.

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White labelling & Reselling


All our e-Learning courses are also available for white labelling and reselling.

If you would like to generate revenue through sales of our courses or want to buy a license to present our courses as your own, simply get in touch with one of the team.

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