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Online Cultural Awareness Course

* If you are looking for tailored training on cultural awareness, then please refer to our webinar.


Our e-Learning course is ideal for individuals and organisations who want ready-to-go training on cultural awareness in the workplace.


The insights and tips offered by the course equip learners with the confidence to ensure they can navigate cultural differences at work and collaborate positively across cultures.


We offer a basic free version as well as upgraded versions for single, group and organisational licenses with full access via our LMS.

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Who is the Course for?

  • Professionals required to work successfully across cultures and countries.
  • Project staff working remotely on international projects.
  • Organisations looking to expand globally.
  • Students enrolled on international / global business courses.

Learner Benefits

  • Gain a detailed appreciation of the impact of culture on international business.
  • Develop an understanding of the common traps people fall into when working across cultures.
  • Unpick the influence of bias when working in intercultural settings and gain solutions to manage bias effectively.
  • Acquire practical solutions to build productive relationships and to avoid potential cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Course Contents

Please refer to the course overview for specific information the topics covered in the course and the flow of topics.

Versions and Licenses

Upgrade for access to the full course or stick with the freebie for now!


Free Version

The free and abridged version of the course is available to watch below or via You Tube.


Paid Version

Access to the full course with all the resources, quizzes and case studies. Certificates are available upon successful completion. The paid version is only $5 and can be purchased using the Paypal button below.



Educational discounts

Student access for only $1! If you would like a group of students to benefit from this offer, then contact one of the team for further information.


Charity discounts

Discounts are available for charitable organisations. Please contact us for information.


Organisational licenses

Available for upload to your inhouse LMS, or, accessible via the Commisceo learning platform. See our FAQS page for more info or contact us for more information.

Watch the Free Version

A free version of our Cultural Awareness course is available below.

This is an abridged and edited version; the full version of which is available for only $5.



(The full version is certified and contains comprehensive quizzes, case studies and resources.)

Feel free to watch it here or on You Tube. Please remember to give us a like and subscribe if you want to be first to see our new upcoming releases!


Take the Free Course Quiz

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Download Free Course Resources

This eLearning course comes with additional resources that enrich a learner’s understanding of specific topics we cover throughout the course.

Below you can access the free and abridged versions of our resources.


Develop Your Own e-Learning Course

If you would like to use our online course, adapt it to help create your own, then it’s very easy.

We can design and develop new content, or amend current content, to fit your specific needs – whether that be in using specific case studies, changing quiz questions or anything else.

Please read more here about our customized eLearning courses.


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