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 Experts in Country-Specific Cross-Cultural Training

Experts in Country-Specific Cross-Cultural Training

Looking for cultural insights into a particular country? We have been designing and delivery cultural awareness courses for +10 years - flexible, tailored, quality global training whether SME or FTSE500.

korean culture training courses

  • Discover South Korean culture and gain an understanding of how it affects the business environment
  • Build a clear understanding of the key drivers that motivate your counterparts in South Korea
  • Learn how to read cultural signals emerging during transactions with your South Korean counterparts
  • Ensure you make a good first impression and use your knowledge to build positive and trusting relationships

We help...

  • Learning and development staff driving performance in mixed international teams 
  • Managers with responsibility for managing large numbers of South Korean staff
  • Team members who work with South Korean counterparts remotely or directly
  • Anyone working in or with South Korea


10+ Years Designing and Delivering Courses on South Korean Culture


Leaders within the Semiconductor industry, our client entered South Korea following an investment opportunity with a large South Korean firm. We were approached and asked to design a course for their senior stakeholders and all staff who would work within the new partnership.

We equipped our client with a detailed understanding of South Korean culture and the skills and understanding to conduct themselves positively with their South Korean counterparts. Our client was quick to volunteer that their new insights into ‘patience’ went a long way to securing the outcome they had worked so hard to achieve.


Insights into South Korean culture: Course Content

We believe that culture is limitless and we reflect this in our training courses; you won’t find off the shelf homogenous courses with us - we offer personalised training that is custom-made to meet our client’s needs.

We do of course have set course outlines for the more basic requests but the clear majority of our clients come to us for one reason - our consultancy and ability to design courses personalised to them. 

Just as all cultures have unique attributes so do companies and we create our courses to reflect this, from the creation of course materials, to the topics covered and the trainer who delivers it.

Every South Korean focused course we provide is 100% bespoke to the client(s); however below are some of the key topics we tend to cover.

South Korean Business Culture (Overview)

  • History, Language & Political economy
  • Relationship with North Korea
  • Social values, customs & traditions
  • How culture impacts business and how to break stereotypes and misconceptions.

Communicating with Koreans

  • Building interpersonal relationships
  • Communication both verbal & non-verbal
  • Social protocol
  • Doing Business in South Korea
  • South Korean business etiquette
  • Presenting to a South Korean audience
  • Negotiation process and business tact.
  • Cross cultural analysis of business practices

Relocating to South Korea

  • Expatriate group training
  • Spouse & family training
  • Pre-departure & Post arrival training

The topics above are high level only and the interpretation of each umbrella topic will vary greatly when applied to the unique business contexts of our clients.


Convenient Training Delivery

You may have a preference for remote training, or traditional classroom training.  You may, alternatively, prefer role plays involving outside actors. 

Whatever your preference, we will work with you to deliver a training methodology which is most applicable and has the most impact on you and your colleagues.

  • face-to-face
  • e-Learning
  • self-study
  • simulations & games
  • mentoring & coaching

We can deliver training content in multiple as well as blended ways.

Since our trainers are based internationally spread, we can typically accommodate most key international venues.  


Distinguished Cultural Trainers

Our quality standards are high and meeting them is a pretty challenging feat for prospective trainers. 

In addition to relevant qualifications, we look for:

  • Mastery of intercultural communication
  • Insider knowledge of a country
  • Experience in industry
  • Enlightening training style
  • Innovative training techniques
  • Passion for intercultural communication and training
  • Experience living and working in the target country
  • Enriching Training Style

How do we keep our courses relevant and fun?

•    Through full consultation with our clients prior to course and material development
•    By focusing on interactivity, self-exploration and challenging exercises

How to Book a Course

We do not hold set courses on set days. To start the process simply contact one of the team with some details about your training needs.

From there we can advise on areas such as topics, training methods, dates, costs, etc as well as get to know you a bit better.

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