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15 Corporate Training Predictions for 2021

15 Corporate Training Predictions for 2021

For those of you who follow our social media accounts, you would have come across our 15 predictions about business & corporate training for 2021. 

For those that missed them - this is for you!

So, what do the Commisceo Global team predict will happen in 2021?

#1: The cost and logistical benefits realised by businesses during the COVID pandemic, will result in a continued emphasis on training delivery via webinar

#2: Environmental concerns and ease of use will see far more supplementary training information uploaded to the cloud for easy and long term access across devices. 

#3: Learning Management Systems will evolve to see platforms become far more accessible and less cumbersome to use.  However, businesses will be greater use of licensed LMS training content in an effort to keep training development costs to a minimum. 

#4: Globalisation will see the need for more localized training content to meet the diverse cultural needs of global employees. 

#5: Following the move to remote working arrangements, there will be an increase in virtual global leadership training to help managers meet the new challenges of leading and motivating remote teams. In tandem, there will be an increase in team-based training to help individuals collaborate effectively across remote platforms. 

#6: The increase in virtual teamwork will see great strides in the development of collaborative platforms and remote working tools. 

#7: Emerging markets will leverage diaspora connections producing more “local” knowledge

#8: Cultural competence will be an increasingly important part of training and recruitment plans

#9: Diversity will be the antidote to groupthink

#10: Intra-generational training will grow in demand as firms seek to leverage the knowledge of both young and old

#11: Compulsory training topics will increase for employers out of a need to reduce exposure to litigious risk

#12: Mental wellbeing will become an essential part of corporate agendas, with employee welfare and complementary topics such as diet and exercise taking centre stage. 

#13: Higher demands will be placed on pedagogical skills and creating an engaging, compelling, immersive and emotional learning experience

#14: Storytelling will become a more widely-used training technique because of its capacity to inspire and build empathy

#15: Mindfulness will be an increasingly sought after skill across organisations and a fundamental requirement for leaders


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