15 Corporate Training Predictions for 2015

For those of you who follow our social media accounts, you would have come across our 15 predictions about business & corporate training for 2015. For those that missed them - this is for you!

So, what do the Commisceo Global team predict will happen in 2015?

#1: Globalisation will see the need for more localized training content in local languages

#2: Environmental concerns will see less printed workbooks and more training collateral in the Cloud and on Smart devices

#3: Learning Management Systems combined with analytics will lead to more personalised, individual-centred, training solutions

#4: A focus on the sustainability of learning will drive the training sector to deliver long term value

#5: Closing the gender talent gap will be a high priority for company training agendas

#6: Increasing virtual teamwork will necessitate the creation of common understandings, glossaries and collaborative platforms

#7: Emerging markets will leverage diaspora connections producing more “local” knowledge

#8: Cultural awareness will increasingly be taught to younger generations

#9: Diversity will be the antidote to groupthink

#10: Intra-generational training will grow in demand as firms seek to leverage knowledge of both young and old

#11: Compulsory training topics will increase for employers out of need to reduce exposure to litigious risk

#12: Holisitic approaches to employee welfare shall become more popular including diet, exercise and mental wellbeing

#13: Higher demands will be placed on pedagogical skills and creating an engaging, compelling, immersive and emotional learning experience

#14: Storytelling will become a more widely-used training technique because of its capacity to inspire and build empathy

#15: Mindfulness will be an increasingly sought after skill across organisations and a fundamental requirement for leaders