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Global Business Skills Courses

Global Business Skills Courses

Becoming a global business ninja is more than just skill - it's also about flexibility and focus. We've been training clients for +10 years in how to succeed internationally.

We have been designing and delivering team-building courses across the globe for 15 years.
Our training style brings people together, negates misunderstandings and creates fruitful working relationships.

Clients come to us for help with specific teams within their businesses and organisations who are either new, and therefore need a head start in gelling together, or, are established and having challenges in working together.

Cultural differences and misunderstandings can often be the cause and if left unchecked can lead to problems.

We work with all stakeholders to ensure positive outcomes through our team-building courses.

Our courses are available internationally and are suitable for any sized team, with any cultural dynamic in any sector.

Case Study: Brazilian + Dutch Teams
Our client was a JV formed by two other companies, one Dutch and the other Brazilian. The team make-up of the new company was heavily influenced by the two cultures as well British due to the location of HQ and the many cultures that made up various business functions.
A complete productivity breakdown had occurred within the company – our job was to piece it apart, understand the various cultural, national, political and economic drivers that were at play and deliver a year-long series of team-building training courses to address the issue.
We delivered a series of successful courses in the UK, Netherlands and Brazil to 150+ employees from Director level down to administrators in more than 20 sessions lasting 14 months.

Bespoke vs Adapted Courses

We provide both “adapted” as well as “bespoke” training courses.

  • Adapted courses are essentially pre-packaged team-building programmes which we have designed ourselves. These draw upon 15 years of team-building training we have delivered across industry. Once we understand a bit more about a client’s needs we tweak or adapt them to suit. These are then delivered at a client’s location or a neutral location.
  • Bespoke courses are designed from scratch; our starting point is the client’s aims and objectives and from there we do our analysis of the team to put in a proposal. The course is ultimately a lot more involved and specific to the client’s brief.

Understanding the exclusive needs of our clients is a paramount first step in course design.

Outlined below, however, are some examples of areas often covered in team-building related training:

  • Helping team members understand the dynamics of the cultures within their teams
  • Encouraging self-reflection of individual drivers in respect to work expectations and values
  • Reviewing potential areas of conflict and exploring ways for managing differences going forwards
  • Promoting team synergy and cohesion through proven strategies and frameworks
  • Exploring team goals and objectives for the long term to ensure that team performance is maximised


The Commisceo Training Style

We stress fun, engaging, self-reflective and collaborative learning. Although we are able to match the training style needed for the audience, we find that a more relaxed, explorative approach leads to a much more fruitful training course.

Packed with practical examples, activities and experiences our training courses are designed to help apply learning from the training room immediately to roles.

We don’t necessarily bow to convention when it comes to training  – so if you have something different in mind, don’t be shy to ask!

Case Study: EU-Gulf Team
Our client is a luxury car manufacturer in the EU which had been purchased by interests in The Gulf region. At the top level of the company it was felt that there was not enough understanding between the two sides now working together. We were tasked with sensitively putting together a ½ course for investors and Directors which looked at the challenges they were facing in working with one another but in an open, non-accusatory or blaming way that would lead to resolve, resolution and a shared understanding moving forward.
We designed an innovative learning experience which we delivered at a neutral location we chose due to its symbolism – the choice of venue, tone, subtlety and efficacy of the course were all praised by attendees.

For a more detailed outlook at our contents or to discuss bespoke training, please contact one of the team.


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