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Why are American Graduates Looking for Jobs in China?


With unemployment soaring in the USA, students graduating from American universities are more likely than ever to try their hand at gaining employment in Shanghai and Beijing. 

Joshua Arjuna Stephens, a 2007 graduate of Wesleyan University, works in Beijing for XPD Media, which makes online games.

Even those with limited or no knowledge of Chinese are heeding the call. They are lured by China’s surging economy, the challenges of immersing oneself into the Chinese culture, learning a well sought after language and bypassing some of the dues-paying that is common to first jobs in the United States. 

Critically, individuals moving to China from the USA, find they have far more spending power due to China's lower living costs. This is a great pull for recent graduates with student debts to repay. 

The burgeoning tech sector in China is also a great appeal to American graduates who want to be at the forefront of technological innovation and advancements.

Historical traditions in which China copied technicological advancements and reproduced them on the cheap are firmly part of China's past. Companies such as Huawei are leading advancements in networking technology and now outperform many Western companies. Idealistic American graduates are inspired to go and join the Chinese companies that they believe are making such pivotal headway.  

“I’ve seen a surge of young people coming to work in China over the last few years,” said Jack Perkowski, founder of Asimco Technologies, one of the largest automotive parts companies in China.

“When I came over to China in 1994, that was the first wave of Americans coming to China,” he said. “These young people are part of this big second wave.”

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