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How the Coronavirus is Changing Global Greeting Etiquette


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing havoc across the globe.

Markets are in meltdown, flights have been grounded, gatherings banned and whole countries on lock down as the world tries to slow down its spread.

Of the many areas of everyday life hit by the virus, greeting etiquette is currently being transformed around the world.

Within the space of a couple of weeks, many of us have had to think about new ways of behaving around others, especially when it comes to body contact.

Don't Shake Hands!

Did you see the video of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, putting her hand out to greet the Interior Minister?

He refused.

And rightly so says Merkel in the clip.



Current Etiquette & Customs Banned

Well, as well know, bodily contact can help spread COVID-19.

This has caused havoc on greeting etiquette around the world, especially in countries where it’s all about contact.


Footballers now don’t shake at the start of a match!



The French and Italians have had to stop kissing one another! 



Even the Emiratis have been told to stop nose rubbing!



New Global Greeting Etiquette

But, the world is not going to let the Coronavirus beat it!

If we can’t kiss or shake hands, then we’ll find other ways, which is exactly what the world has been doing.

People are creating a whole new set of rules around greeting etiquette.


The Iranians have mastered the Wuhan Shake…



Prince Charles has turned to using the namaste



The Americans seem to be enjoying the novelty of the elbow bump…



Star Trek fans have turned to the obvious…



Turks have found inspiration in their Ottoman roots…



…and the Japanese have done what they have always done! Michael Scott demonstrates.


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