Global Business Skills Courses

Global Business Skills Courses

Becoming a global business ninja is more than just skill - it's also about flexibility and focus. We've been training clients for +10 years in how to succeed internationally.

...the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture." Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall

Working, meeting, communicating, entertaining, negotiating and generally getting things done with colleagues or clients from different cultures can be a minefield.

Understanding and appreciating cultural differences ultimately promotes clearer communication, breaks down barriers, builds trust, strengthens relationships, opens horizons and yields tangible results in terms of business success.

We are passionate about helping people use cultural intelligence as a positive means of not only getting the job done, but of breaking down barriers between people and ultimately creating fruitful relationships.

This passion informs everything we do and as a result has earned us a reputation for excellence in cultural awareness training.

Bespoke and Ready-to-Go Training Options

There are two options available in terms of receiving cultural awareness training:

1) Bespoke: this is a tailored option whereby we design, develop and deliver a training course on culture that is centred on your specific needs.

2) Ready-to-Go: this is straightforward option whereby we deliver our pre-packaged training programme at your offices or a neutral location.

Which course is best for you?

  • Bespoke - you receive a top-class consultancy leading to your course design being focused specifically on your business objectives; however, this involves much more investment of time, energy and finances.
  • Ready-to-Go - you receive a training course that lacks the focus however you can roll training out quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal logistical effort.

Our client is an international organisation that had entered a formal relationship with the South Korean government. In order to help overcome huge communication challenges as well as general discord between the two parties we set about designing a course specifically for them. This involved interviewing department heads and senior stakeholders to understand obstacles, sentiments, objectives and to collect real case studies for the training course. From there our Korea expert designed a course that addressed all the issues they felt were needed as well as tweaked how the training would be delivered in terms of style, energy and flow. This was then delivered to 50+ employees in Europe for two years consecutively to provide continued support.
"With more knowledge on Korea & insights, I'll feel more confident working with Koreans. The trainer was a great advisor with years of experience."

Training Programme Contents

Our ready-to-go training programme is delivered on-site for clients usually in groups of 12-15.

The main topics and flow of the day course include:

1. Culture

•    What is culture?
•    Culture and its implications on the workplace
•    Developing cultural self-awareness and cultural sensitivity
•    Stereotypes vs. generalisations
•    Models for successful intercultural working

2. Working across cultures

•    Common issues and challenges when working in culturally distant countries
•    Differences in working styles
•    Analysing critical incidents and scenarios

3. Strategies for effective communication across cultures

•    Analysing differences in communication styles
•    Creating effective ways of communicating virtually
•    Using International English
•    Building rapport

4.  Developing a ‘global mindset’

•    Intercultural  competencies and cultural intelligence
•    Thinking beyond national borders & changing behaviour
•    Decoding situations and engaging behaviours
•    Intercultural coaching
•    Conflict mediation
•    Enhancing performance in multicultural teams

The course helps participants to:

  • Use skills and knowledge to help maximise potential when dealing with cultural differences
  • Gain an understanding of the mechanics of culture and its influence on business
  • Develop effective personal techniques and action plans to help overcome cross-cultural problems/ challenges
  • Develop a global mindset and cultural sensitivity

Our client is a UK high-street fashion brand. Not only were they receiving visitors to their flagship London store from places like Japan and Russia, the company was also eyeing up global expansion. In order to get their people thinking how best to present the brand and its values to this international audience the company wanted us to run our cultural awareness programme for them. We did so, to 70+ employees with fantastic feedback from everyone.
"The trainer was extremely engaging and constantly energised the team."

To book this course, simply contact one of our team with some information as to why the course is being run, who will be attending, goals, objectives, etc and we can run you through next steps. We keep things simple.

When you come to us we always promise you three things:

  • Training that is fun and enriching
  • Courses that challenge people to change
  • Content that is current and engaging

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