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Online Training – A Democratic Solution?


As cultural trainers, we oversee the delivery of high level cultural training to large multinationals.

The benefits of the training extend beyond the company and help individuals to build skills and awareness which help in the long term.

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"Who on Earth Needs Cultural Awareness Training?"


I was recently at a dinner party in London for notable vultures and found myself speaking to a lovely vulture based in Wales who had flown down for the evening.

Conversation led to work and what I do here at Commisceo, and what we do as a company, i.e cultural awareness training.

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What are the Main Concerns for Expats Relocating Abroad?


Price Waterhouse Cooper predicts that as many as 70,000 British employees will relocate to alternative European locations between now and 2020 following the vite to Brexit vote.

This is not counting the thousands of non-British that could also leave.

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Why Norway's Cultural Training for Immigrants is a Poor Example

Why Norway's Cultural Training for Immigrants is a Poor Example

As part of an effort to help immigrants settle into life in Norway, cultural awareness courses have been made compulsory.

Watching some of the footage of the content in a short video piece on The Guardian website left me cringing - it really exposed a rather shallow approach to cultural understanding in many senses.

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Awesome Online Database of Cultural Differences

Awesome Online Database of Cultural Differences

Culture-Geeks Will Love This!

I’ve recently come across a totally awesome database – it’s a treasure trove of statistical information about cultures, societies, language, places and environments; something I thought I had to share with my fellow culture vultures.

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Where Will UK-based Businesses Go post-Brexit?


Will we see a business brain drain?

Britain’s impending exit from the EU has rallied a host of cries from its European brethren, encouraging businesses to continue accessing European skills and resources by relocating elsewhere.

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What are Some Tips on Marketing for Export?


Looking to sell globally?

Export marketing will be crucial to your prospects – however it is key to always remember “cultural differences” in the back of your mind when putting together a strategy and approach.

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Brexit and our Cross Cultural Future


As bridge-builders, interculturalists have a lot of work to do.

I’m going to be honest with you. I have written this blog once already – I fully expressed my views and vented my frustrations as to the recent events in the UK. I am now taking all those words back and starting again.

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Mindfulness and Cultural Awareness


‘Mindfulness’ is an increasingly common term.

We hear it bandied around by ‘celebs’ who have discovered mindfulness meditation as the means to a stress free life and we have heard the term used by people who try to practice ‘living in the moment’ whilst shrugging off stresses of the past or unrealised anxieties of the future.

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Cross Cultural Communication & PR


The Public Relations (PR) industry is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships between clients and customers.

Through areas such as brand management, advertising, media relations and crisis management, PR practitioners seek to foster interest, trust and belief in a product or company.

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How Do Cultural Differences Impact International Retail?


Looking for case studies of cultural issues in the retail sector?

In this article, we look at some examples from the retail industry where cultural differences or cultural issues have resulted in business success and failure.

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Cultural Differences in International Merger and Acquisitions

Cultural Differences in International Merger and Acquisitions

How does Culture make or break international M&A?

In today’s global economy more people are paying attention to the impact of culture on the international business environment.

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Guanxi: The Chinese Cultural Concept


"Guanxi" (pronounced (jwan-see) is one of the most powerful forces in Chinese culture.

Though the direct translation of "guanxi" is "relationships", the concept as it is used and applied in Chinese culture is much richer and encompassing.

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Status and Cultural Differences


Status exists in all societies but varies in fundamental ways.

Did you know there are cross cultural differences in the way people perceive status, gain status and react to status?

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Results of Poor Cross Cultural Awareness

Results of Poor Cross Cultural Awareness

Having a poor understanding of the influence of cross cultural differences in areas such as management, PR, advertising and negotiations can lead to cultural blunders with potentially damaging consequences.

It is crucial for today's business personnel to understand the impact of cross cultural differences on business, trade and internal company organisation.

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How Does Leadership Differ Across Cultures?


"Education is the mother of leadership." Wendell Willkie

With the march of globalisation and internationalisation growing louder and stronger, few successful businesses can now escape the need to work across cultures.

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What Skills Are Essential for Managers Today?


The role of a manager is evolving in response to the needs of companies operating on the international stage.

The complexities of globalisation and international systems require today's manager to adapt in order to offer modern solutions to modern problems.

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Intercultural Management and Business Communication


'The art of communication is the language of leadership' James Humes

Today's businesses are complex entities. However, one fundamental principle of success remains constant - the need for communication.

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Intercultural Training and the Iceberg Model


Many people ask, "What is culture?" 

How can it be defined? What analogies can be used to describe it?

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How Do I Improve My Intercultural Communication Skills?


We live in an increasingly complex world.

One element of this complexity is the mixing of different cultures, languages and faiths.

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