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New Management Book on How to Deal with Different Cultures


Recently, expert on global leadership, Erin Meyer, published a new book that aims to help managers lead global teams.

By using an eight-scale framework, team leaders can guide their teams to a more effective method of working.

Yahoo Finance recently announced that Professor Meyer has published a new book titled "The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business."

In this book, Meyer, who teaches at the renowned international business school INSEAD, gives advice on how to boost business success. She believes that managers can achieve this by a better understanding of their foreign colleagues, clients and suppliers’ behaviour.

According to Meyer, almost every workplace has to deal with cultural diversity, as global supply chains and project teams, for example, are becoming more and more common.

In her new book, Meyer not only discusses this new development, but also presents a new analytical framework.

Meyer believes that in multi-cultural business practice, there are eight critical dimensions. If managers take a closer look at how cultures relate to each other, they can decode the influence of culture on their own company using the provided scales, she says.

Because of increasing globalisation, Meyer says, employees nowadays often have to work together with people located in other countries. Even though an effective method of working is expected from these global teams, Meyer thinks managers often have no idea what impact culture can have on interaction.

In fact, she says that even managers who are familiar with different cultures, for example because they have travelled a lot or have worked abroad for some time, don’t know how to lessen the impact of cross-cultural diversity, that can influence a team’s effectiveness.

 In The Culture Map, Meyer gives many real-life examples and anecdotes to enforce her advice, that is not only practical and actionable, but will also help to increase the effectiveness of intercultural teams.

Marshall Goldsmith from The New York Times Best seller even believed the book to be “a highly practical guide” with “valuable, finely-researched insights for executives working in international environments at all levels.”

The book is published by PublicAffairs Books and according to Yahoo, it can be used by any manager, team leader or other business professional that has to deal with different cultures in their team or clients and suppliers abroad.

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