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20 Must Know Arabic Words and Phrases for your Business Trip to the Arab World


Travelling to the Arab world on business?

Whether you're visiting the UAE, Jordan or Saudi Arabia, no matter where you go in the Arab world, knowing a few words or phrases in the local language can break down barriers, build relationships and smooth the way to business success!

To help you make a great impression with your hosts, we're going to share 20 "must know" Arabic words and phrases every business person should learn before they visit Arabic speaking countries.


Our first four words are key when greeting and saying goodbye to people:

1.    مرحبا – Hello (marhaban): This greeting is widely used throughout the Arab countries and is also one of the easiest greetings to pronounce making it a good word to know.

2.    تشرفنا – Pleased to meet you (tasharafna)

3.    كيف حالك؟ – How are you? male (kayfa halak) female (kayfa halik): There are two versions of this phrase: as with many Arabic phrases this phrase is dependent on the gender of the person you are speaking to, the first version is to be spoken to a man.

4.    مع السلامة – Goodbye (ma’asalama)

Here are a couple words to get your conversations started:

5.    ما اسمك؟ – What’s your name? male (mā ismak) female (mā ismik)

6.    ... اسمي – My name is.. (ismee)

7.    من أين أنت؟ - Where are you from? male (min ayna anta/i) female (min ayna anti)

Arab speakers can talk fairly quickly so if in doubt say:

8.    أسف – Sorry (male - asif/ female - asifa): In this instance the ending depends on your own gender, if you are male you say asif if you are female you say asifa.

9.    لا أفهم– I don’t understand (la afham)

10.    تكلم ببطء من فضلك – Please speak slowly ( akalam bibut min fadlak/lik): fadlak if you are talking to a man and fadlik if you are talking to a woman.

11.    ؟ الانجليزية  اللغة تتكلم هل  – Can you speak English? (hal tatakallum al-lughah al-engleezia)

We know 'no' is important, yes equally so:

12.    لا –No (la)

13.    نعم – Yes (na’am): It’s always good to know the opposite of the word no, we don’t want you missing out on anything.

When being asked questions please and thank you are good words to know:

14.    من فضلك – Please (min fadlak/lik): Again the two endings rely on the gender of the person being spoken to. "lik" is the ending for a female.

15.    شكرا – Thank You (shukran)

16.    ألعفو –You’re welcome (afwan)

Travelling around could prove difficult without knowing how to ask directions:

17.    عين؟– Where? (ayna)

18.    يمين– Right (yimeen)

19.    يسار– Left (yesaar)

20.    على التول – Straight on (al’a tuul)

Markets are an integral part of life in any Arab speaking country, to initiate the customary haggling to get you a good bargain this little word is your conversation starter:

21.    بكم هذا؟ /بكم هذه؟ – How much is that? (bi kam hatha/hathihi?)

So when building relationships in the Middle East or Arab world, keep this list in mind, it’s not going to make you fluent but it will help!

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Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

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