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Cultural Sensitivity Checking, Assessments & Testing

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Our global network of cultural sensitivity checkers will ensure that your product, logo, website...even your new VR game, are not going to cause issues when launched in a foreign country.



We help you navigate local taboos and expectations, ensuring you are received positively.

Examples of some recent projects include:

  • An international fashion house developed an interactive online VR game in which it had created a set of icons for every country around the world – we were commissioned with ensuring the icons accurately reflected the countries’ cultures and to provide guidance on making them as authentic as possible.
  • A global fast-food restaurant created a set of characters to feature in a new children’s cartoon to be published as part of a series of giveaways – we ensured that the characters were fit for purpose in the target region and co-authored their series of publications to make the content resonate with the audience.
  • A regional bank in the Persian Gulf was rebranding and relaunching with a new set of products and services – our team were chosen to advise the marketing stakeholders with the names of their new products, imagery, colours and branding to ensure regional acceptance.


We have handled similar projects checking, auditing, assessing and testing websites, advertisements, training manuals, signage, packaging and video footage.

Giving You Invaluable Cultural Feedback

Our robust protocols and procedures combined with our team of cultural sensitivity checkers around the world mean you’ll receive fantastic insights and feedback.

Depending on what we are assessing, we have Subject Matter Experts who can test your ideas, concepts, visuals, etc. and help you make improvements.

Would you like us to run a cultural sensitivity check for you?

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