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Global Business Skills Courses

Global Business Skills Courses

Becoming a global business ninja is more than just skill - it's also about flexibility and focus. We've been training clients for +10 years in how to succeed internationally.

Courses on Presenting to Foreign Audiences

We design and deliver courses on presentation skills; however, all our courses have a cross-cultural twist, i.e. we focus on how to give successful presentations in foreign cultures.

How presentations are delivered, what is expected by an audience, what is appropriate and what it not are but some of the many cultural differences when it comes to presentations.

We help clients working internationally to polish up their presentation skills as well as learn new techniques for specific cultures or how to deliver pitch-perfect presentations to a global audience.

  • Bespoke & ready-to-go training courses
  • Learn key skills needed to deliver perfect presentations
  • Culture-specific training content available for 90+ countries
  • Flexible training options delivered across the globe


Case Study: Presenting to a European Audience
Our client is a top 5 global PR firm. Their senior management team in the USA were visiting European offices for the launch of a major initiative to help the firm expand within the continent. The managers were responsible for essentially pitching the future vision of the company in Europe.
We were responsible for designing a training course on presentation skills that would help the managers 1) improve upon their own presentation styles and 2) help them be able to tweak and amend their styles and content according to different internal audiences in Europe.
Commiseco ran a 3-day interactive workshop that received excellent feedback and led to further cultural awareness training projects.

Bespoke vs Adapted Trainng Courses

We have two options in terms of training: “adapted” as well as “bespoke” training courses.

Adapted courses are pre-prepared courses with contents and a structure already in place. These draw upon our experience across sector and industry and are a generic approach to a topic. Once we know a bit more about a client and/or the attendees’ needs we ‘adapt’ the contents to suit.

Bespoke courses are simply started from scratch. We tailor the course completely based on the client’s needs, requirements, circumstances, etc. This obviously allows for a much more focused and expansive course although it takes more time and investment.

Presentation Skills Training Content

Content for adapted training is available upon request. Kindly contact us and we can send you an example day course.

Bespoke content obviously is only built once we are commissioned.

The vast majority of courses we run addresses the following points:

  • The role of “culture” within international business
  • How culture directly impacts communication and presentations styles
  • Cultural differences in presentations: perceptions/expectations, delivery and usage
  • Awareness of personal presentation style, techniques and preferences and adaptation of delivery to an international audience
  • Using International English
  • The practicalities of delivering cross-cultural presentations
  • Planning and designing a presentation for a multicultural audience
  • Engaging and interacting with the group
  • Developing tips and strategies for an effective delivery of a cross-cultural presentation

Training will provide participants with:

  • A clear understanding of how culture and communication in different cultures impacts presentation use and delivery
  • Increased self-awareness in the context of presentation delivery
  • Cultural knowledge to help maximise speaker’s credibility and potential when presenting to different cultures
  • The key skills necessary to plan and design an effective cross-cultural presentation
  • Tips and strategies for engaging and interacting with the group and delivering presentations effectively to a multicultural audience

Our Training Style & Approach

We like to do things a bit differently.

All our trainers we hand-pick for their character, know-how, vision and above all ability to deliver our training style and approach.

  • Current content that challenges stereotypes
  • Engaging teaching methods that inspire
  • Self-reflective learning styles that motivate
  • Constructive discussions that energise
  • Positive messages that deliver change

We take what we do seriously – as well as giving people the skills needed to sell across cultures, we don’t believe we can do this without bringing about conceptual change within people.

We want to build global people, not just business people.

Case Study: Presenting in South Korea
Our client is an international sports governing body. A very senior representative was due to travel to South Korea to make a presentation in front of local counterparts, government officials and local diplomats. Keen to make a good impression we were tasked with designing a course that not only covered presentation skills but general awareness of Korean culture and etiquette.
We ran a course for the small team that bolstered their confidence prior to the trip and gave them all the tools they needed to ensure a successful return.
The presentation went down a storm due to some important little tips and phrases we asked him to use.

Next Steps

If you would like to see the contents of a standard day course, would like us to design some training for you or would like to simply explore how we could help you – simply contact one of the team.

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