Cross-Cultural Negotiation Course

"I found the programme very interesting and informative - I think it will help build more positive relationships in the future."


negotiation training course

Our International Negotiation training course empowers people with the skills and strategies to handle cross-cultural negotiations with confidence.

Unlock the secrets to being a successful international negotiator and unleash your true potential.



Course Aims

International Negotiation training helps professionals understand the influence of culture upon the negotiation process.

It teaches the insights, skills and strategies needed to build rapport, influence outcomes, negotiate good deals and establish long-term commercial relationships.



Who For?

Anyone who has to negotiate with people from different cultures as part of their work.



How Does it Help?

Our negotiation course will help learners...

  • Discover cultural differences in negotiation cycles
  • Identify personal negotiation styles and potential cultural challenges
  • Understand how to research the cultural expectations of prospects
  • Build rapport and trust with new & existing clients and stakeholders
  • Use cultural 'intelligence' during key stages of negotiations
  • Avoid miscommunication and deal with conflict positively
  • Use strategies for dealing with negotiation pressures



How is the Training Delivered?

All our courses are delivered online as webinars.

Once we know a bit more about your needs, our trainers will design a webinar, or a series of webinars, to help deliver the intervention you need.



Case Study 

Our client is a global natural resources company. The recruitment team within their HR function was responsible for negotiating contractual and commercial agreements with potential new employees.

Due to the very international and global nature of the company, the team were finding negotiations with certain cultures very challenging. We were tasked with identifying why and using our findings, to run a negotiation training course to help the team boost performance.

We designed a series of 3 webinars which we delivered over the course of a week. The training raised their understanding of why they found certain cultures a challenge and gave them practical, take-away actions to implement in their roles.



How Do I Book a Course?

Simply get in touch.

With 15+ years experience in delivering professional courses we can quickly help you pin down goals and identify opportunities for the training.


Can I Get More Info?

Of course.

If you would like a detailed look at the course outline, simply use the the form below and we will email you a copy.


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