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Global Business Skills Courses

Global Business Skills Courses

Becoming a global business ninja is more than just skill - it's also about flexibility and focus. We've been training clients for +10 years in how to succeed internationally.

Learn to Negotiate Across Cultures

We deliver bespoke and ready-to-go courses on international business negotiation aimed at helping people positively manage cultural differences within the negotiation process.

Working globally means being able to adapt to the cultural nuances of different clients in different countries. Cultural insight gained through training helps people build rapport, negotiate effectively and ultimately win deals.

Our negotiation training courses are available throughout the year, across the globe and are popular with professionals working in an international or multicultural business environment.

Access New Markets and Win New Deals

As a training company our specialisation is in knowledge of foreign and emerging markets as well as working with exporters, businesses and organisations with global remits.

Our negotiation training courses are built around the core aim of helping our clients access new markets and win new deals. What form and the content a course may take is driven by this aim.

  • Discover cultural differences in sales & negotiation cycles
  • Identify personal negotiation styles and frameworks
  • Learn to research the cultural expectations of prospects
  • Build rapport and trust with new & existing clients
  • Use cultural insight during key stages of negotiations
  • Avoid miscommunication and deal with conflict
  • Use strategies for dealing with negotiation pressure
  • Culturally conversant strategies for closing the deal

No matter what the country is, the culture, the sector or the challenge – we can help and we can help is very effective ways.

Flexible Training & Learning

Training courses are built around your needs. We offer:

  • Adapted & Bespoke: choose between training courses that are pre-written and delivered with tweaks based on the audience (adapted) or have a course built just for you (bespoke).
  • Online tools & options: we offer consultancy on a number of online cultural awareness tools assessments and information libraries which can be used as part of online learning or blended into the LMS, traditional training or webinars.
  • Culturally-conscious content: we live and breathe culture and everything we do is about building cultural bridges. This means you receive the best training possible in terms of ethos, approach, delivery and service.
  • 4G training ethos: we like to do things a bit differently – “traditional” is certainly not us. We embrace change, difference, technology and alternative methods of training and learning.
  • Global, multilingual delivery: our team offer you a truly global service with courses available across the globe, delivered in any language of your choice.

Case Study A leading oil company based in the Middle East with its recruitment function in London asked us to design a course for their senior negotiation team. Responsible for negotiating the recruitment packages for senior positions within the company, staff were facing challenges having to deal with such a vast array of nationalities, cultures and personality types. We built a training course specifically for the team which focused on both the fundamentals of negotiation as well as how culture can disrupt these patterns and how best to deal with them. The course was run consistently for 3 years.

Course Content

The content of a course will essentially come down to two main factors:

  • If the client wants something created for them, i.e. “bespoke”, the content can be whatever it needs to be.
  • If the client wants something off-the-shelf, in terms of being a pre-prepared course, i.e. "adapted", then the contents are established and sent to you upon request. Small amends are possible based on the potential audience.

Contact us for more information.

The Commisceo Training Style

In short, we don’t do long talks in front of PowerPoint slides.

Commisceo, our name, frames everything we do. We are all about mingling, about exploration, and about opening minds and hearts.

You can’t achieve this through slides and words.

That’s why we like action in our training courses! We emphasise:

  • Fun
  • Current
  • Engaging
  • Self-reflective
  • Constructive
  • Positive
  • Open-minded

Above all we are EFFECTIVE.

Commiseco’s Culture Experts & Trainers

Trainers are hand-picked from our team depending on location, type of training needed, style of trainer needed, language and a number of other factors.

However all our trainers share the same fundamental skill sets.

  • Training experience: our trainers are people people; they like to train others, to help through issues and challenges and to share their knowledge. All our trainers come with years’ of hands-on training experience.
  • Cultural Insight: our trainers specialise in certain countries or cultures which means they have lived, worked, played, got lost, got found and experienced a culture in its fullest.
  • Business Insight: our trainers come with business experience and sector expertise allowing them to identify with many of our clients various business challenges.

Next Steps

Please contact us and let us know if you are looking for something adapted or bespoke.

From there we can advise on the next steps needed in order to get your course up and running.

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