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Below you can access guides to 50+ countries on managing cultural diversity and improving your management skills.


Learn to motivate, influence and demonstrate agility when working with new cultures.





Cultural Intelligence for Managers

As experts in global leadership & management training, we know that successfully managing culturally diverse teams demands Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Being the manager of a multicultural team, a global virtual team or in a foreign country is never an easy task.

Differences in business culture, etiquette, management styles, and communication styles all need managing.

Our free country guides below are designed specifically to help managers who want to learn about the management culture and style of a specific country.

  • This could be useful, for example, if you have someone new joining your team from a foreign country.
  • If you manage a global virtual team, then understanding more about your international colleagues will help;
  • If you are being expatriated abroad to manage a team in a foreign country, then understanding the locals is essential.


Examples of topics include:

  • management styles
  • project management
  • time management
  • management skills


These guides are free to read, however, if you wish to use them in any other way, such as part of some training, re-publication or anything else, please contact us for permission.

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