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Practical Tips on Business Meetings in Chinese Culture


Doing business in China? Then you'll be attending lots of meetings!

If you’re attending meetings in China, then it’s important to understand a little about Chinese culture and how meetings are run.

To get you started, we’ve pulled together a simple slide show which outlines some of the most important considerations.

These tips can help you understand the Chinese approach to meetings and how this may differ to your own expectations as well as help you create new strategies on how to create positive outcomes.


Did you know that China is ranked as one of the lesser complex business cultures among the top 50 economies of the world?

The Business Culture Complexity Index™ ranks the country 20th, just behind the USA which is ranked 19th.

Chinese Meetings

The considerations in the slide show include reference to:

• Important Chinese cultural values such as harmony, group, hierarchy, guanxi and mianzi
• The need to build trusting relationships with your Chinese peers if you’re to get things done
• The importance of guanxi and mianzi in networking and trust building
• Important behaviours to avoid if you’re to protect the ‘face’ of your Chinese peers
• The role of the ‘group’ in Chinese meeting structures
• The importance of hierarchy in the way people are treated and seated
Prolonged decision making due to the need for the Chinese team to reach consensus

 The slideshow below has more tips.


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