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New eLearning Online Training Course on Doing Business in China

New eLearning Online Training Course on Doing Business in China

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest online cultural awareness training course - on China.

The new addition to our catalogue of online courses offers lots of fantastic insights into Chinese culture, the people and of course, Chinese business practices.

Designed for professionals travelling to China and for those who may work remotely with Chinese colleagues or clients, the online course offers practical tips about the culture through real footage and commentary.

As with all our eLearning courses, cultural awareness is used as a means of helping foreigners working with the Chinese to make a good impression, communicate clearly and build solid commercial relationships.


What's in the China Course?

The online course consists of 7 chapters covering:

  1. Overview - Understanding China in context
  2. Religion - Exploring the roots of Chinese culture
  3. Values - Learning about the drivers in Chinese society
  4. Communication - Appreciating how the Chinese share information
  5. Business culture - Discovering how business is conducted in China
  6. Etiquette & taboos - Mastering good manners and etiquette
  7. Stereotypes - Avoiding stereotypes and using generalisations

Who is this Course For?

This course is perfect for anyone needing to better understand China and Chinese culture for business, professional or career reasons.

✓ foreigners moving to China or work

✓ professionals visiting China for business

✓ stakeholders working with Chinese clients, colleagues, suppliers or prospects

✓ people working for Chinese businesses/organisations


How Does Cultural Awareness Help?

This course will help professionals working with China to...

✓ make a great impression with Chinese colleagues and clients

✓ avoid confusion and build trust by understanding the Chinese communication style

✓ enhance their international business skills and boost professional reputations

Want to Watch Chapter 1?

To watch Chapter 1 for free simply click through to the >> China eLearning Online Cultural Awareness Course.

If you would like an overview of the course contents, then simply contact our cultural training team.


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