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At a time where more and more of us are being encouraged to build walls against 'the other', we are making a commitment to break them down through creating greater understanding between peoples and cultures.

Through our courses we help people gain the mindset, skills and knowledge to work positively in today's global economy and live in today's multicultural world. As well as imparting invaluable business know-how, our training solutions bring about change; change in how we see the world, ourselves and how we perceive the differences between us.

If you are looking for a global training company that lives and breathes culture, you are exactly in the right place.

Helping People Working Internationally

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Diversity Training Courses

Workplace equality and diversity is a hot issue for many of our clients.

As businesses and organisations become more international, they become more multicultural. If this meeting of cultures is left unmanaged it can lead to challenges, whether legal, performance, profit or morale related.

Adopting a coherent and positive approach to workplace cultural diversity is fundamental to ensuring the people dynamics match the needs of the organisation.

Our clients come to us needing help with...

  • developing policies
  • establishing best practices
  • running training courses
  • writing educational content

...all around the topic of equality and diversity.

We focus on culture, nationality, faith and teamwork within equality as opposed to areas such as disability and sexuality.

Bespoke, Focused Consultancy & Training

The majority of our work carried out within cultural diversity, equality and inclusion is done so in order to “fix” a workplace issue; off-the-shelf solutions are not always effective in such situations.

Our approach is bespoke. We build solutions based on what you need.

We work with stakeholders to better understand problems, forces involved, objectives, practical constraints, etc and from there design courses, content or offer consultancy to address their specific issues.

Case Study
A police force in the UK approached us with the need to support their officers deal with cultural diversity. A steady change in the local demographics was posing challenges to the officers as 'flash points' had occured with certain communities which could have been avoided with more insight. Our job was to build a course that would look at 1) general cultural awareness 2) differences in policing expectations from some of the local ethnic communities 3) culture and religion specific insights and 4) help in developing a best practice approach to diversity in the community.

To discover how we can help you or your organisation, please contact one of the team and we’ll talk you through what we can do for you.

Ready-to-Go Equality & Diversity Courses

As well as our tailored service we do offer equality & diversity courses that have been designed for a more broad audience looking for general training.

These courses have been created by professional trainers working within the equality & diversity training field, using our frameworks, methods and approach. We draw on over 10+ years experience in ensuring we deliver courses that are engaging, relevant and rewarding.

We currently offer 4 diversity-themed training courses. Simply click the link to discover more.

doing business iran training culture tips

Tips on Doing Business in Iran

Iran is slowly opening up. Plenty of companies are now investing in the country from Europe, Asia and S. America. Although a warm and inviting country, for those new to Iran cultural awareness is a must. This blog is a great introduction to some of the cultural considerations of working with Iranians.

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Cultural Awareness Manual

Grab a Copy of our Self-Study Guide to Cultural Awareness

We are on a mission - we are serious about trying to make the world a better place through helping people develop not only awareness of others, but awareness of themselves. As such we always try to keep a balance between work for profit and work for the cause! So go and get yourself a free copy our of self-study guide to developing both self and cultural awareness at work.

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Online Resources Cultural Awareness

Insightful Guides to Global Business Desintations

Straightforward e-guides to countries and their cultures written by experts in cross-cultural training from the world of business. Perfect for anyone wanting an insight into potential cultural challenges prior to working in a foreign country. Get your copy within seconds.

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Top-Selling Courses

Cultural Awareness

Our most in-demand training course for +10 years - suited for anyone needing the skills and know-how to work positively across cultures .

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Leadership & Management

Leading across cultural lines can be challenging - we have helped 100s of leaders improve business performance through cultural awareness.

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Multicultural Teams

'Culture clash' can damage teams when left unchecked - our courses break down barriers, build trust and leave teams with a new sense of cohesion and purpose.

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Customer Service

We help clients give top-notch customer service internationally and across cultures, boosting sales and securing loyalty .

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