Achieve Internationally as a Female

Although domestic gender equality within the workforce has increased rapidly over the last decade, women working internationally face a number of challenges which are unique to females alone.

Our Women in International Business training course will benefit women who are planning to work in countries where male working cultures dominate. The course will equip them with an awareness of the challenges which may confront them and the forms in which they may become manifest. The course will help delegates to decode situations, recognise the underlying structures at play and implement appropriate responses to manage the situation.

Get Culture Savvy: Course Outline

The challenges faced by every individual will be different. As a result and to ensure the course is of maximum benefit, content will be tailored to meet these needs appropriately.

On a high level however, course content will broadly cover:

  • High level overview of the business culture of the target country; including areas such as time management, communication styles, hierarchies, physical space, decision making
  • A detailed overview of the social and hierarchical structures at play in the target country
  • The importance of cultural understanding in leveraging respect and working successfully
  • Gender stereotypes and misconceptions
  • Ensuring that one’s role title is clear and removes any doubt of uncertainty as to the position of this role within the receiving hierarchy
  • Strategies for gaining legitimacy for one’s role and remit through the communication of professional credentials and business expertise
  • The role of attitude in further consolidating one’s role and remit
  • Understanding boundaries and dealing with unacceptable behaviours
  • Business and networking support

Flexible Training Options

Since this training programme is tailored specifically for the needs of the participants, it may take a number of forms:

  • Leading across Specific or Multiple International Countries
  • Negotiating within Specific International Countries
  • Selling within Specific International Countries
  • Managing Suppliers across Specific or Multiple Countries

Skilled Trainers

Our trainers have extensive experience in training design and delivery across a broad range of remits and to a diverse range of international corporate companies. At Commisceo, we only recruit the best from within the intercultural field and demand high standards in respect to training experience, competence and delivery skills.

Interactive Training

Our training methodologies are as diverse as our clients. The methodologies to be used are confirmed with the client when preparing the course and may include an array of mediums, including, but not limited to: buzz groups, lectures, presentations, case studies and problem solving of the challenges presented, remote learning tools such as webinar, brainstorms, group activities and visual materials.

We always place emphasis on interaction, involvement and engagement.