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Love Skittles

Love Skittles

Was Trump Jnr's Skittles meme a stupid, irrational argument based on nothing but fear, ignorance and racist politics?

So Trump Jnr, son of the man who plans to make America great again, has come out and likened Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles.

This blog could launch into a tirade of abuse and arguments against Trump Jnr and his father, however we want to make a simple point to those who may see sense in his line of argument.

The question posed to us is if we are willing to accept a whole body of people if there is a risk of a small percentage  within that body may come to harm us. Essentially he is trying to create fear and loathing against Syrians by having people believe they must naturally harbor terrorists.

Well, lets follow this line of reasoning shall we?

As a citizen of the UK, it greatly concerns me that some American citizens kill fellow citizens with guns. They are dangerous. Yet this does not stop the government of the UK,  or any country for that matter, from stopping all Americans from entering because a few of them have a tendency to murder people with firearms.

Similarly, should we accept all Americans because a small percentage of them are racists? Some of them speak too loud? Some of them eat too much?

Why should the US stop at Syrians? Why not stop the French coming in because some of them like smelly cheese (remember Freedom Fries?); Italians are no longer welcome because some of them  are lazy; Nigerians should be blocked as some of them are scammers and Indians must be turned away as some of them we can't understand what they are quite saying......if you apply stereotypes to a whole being of people you only lend yourself to ridicule.

So in that spirit, Trump Jnr, you are an idiot. Like father like son.

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