With 2017 flying by and 2018 fast approaching, the team at Commisceo Global have decided to share a snapshot of some of the cross-cultural training trends we have witnessed so far this year.

Remember this is only what we have seen as a company, not what the whole cross-cultural training sector is experiencing.


Cultural Training


Bitesize Training


Online Training




Translation and Adaptation


So, what do we see as cross-cultural training trends leading into 2018?

We envisage a continued increase in demand for:

  1. Online cultural training - whether webinar or static / off the shelf courses
  2. Bitesize training with the need for speed and easy accessibility as the driving force
  3. Training material translation and adaptation as the perceived value of localization increases
  4. Relocation cultural training for those companies exiting the UK
  5. Face to face training for companies within Asia

We also anticipate that the training industry as a whole – not just those in cultural training - will need to further streamline fees where possible as a demand for online / bitesize training often goes hand in hand with a demand for fee reductions.


Please let us know what you think – how do your experiences marry with ours?  Is there anything you have witnessed in the training industry that we have not experienced to the same degree?

We welcome your comments or Tweet us your thoughts.

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash