Many people doing business with Saudi Arabia are usually surprised to find that the date in Saudi Arabia is over 500 years behind that of dates in the West.

Why is the date different in Saudi Arabia?

Well, we'll try to explain and at the same time, give you a glimpse into Saudi culture.

So let's start by looking at the difference in calendars before we show you how to always work out what the date is in Saudi Arabia.


The Islamic Calendar

Rather than using the Gregorian Solar Calendar, Saudis use the Lunar Hijri Calendar which doesn’t have static months like the Gregorian calendar.

Why do Dates Always Change?

This impacts Muslims living in the West in a number of ways as they are never quite sure when important events such as Ramadan will fall, making it quite difficult to book time off from work in advance.

Why is the Year Different in Saudi Arabia?

Although the difference in annual cycles goes some way towards explaining the difference in dates between Saudi Arabia and the West, it does not fully explain the significant gap.

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