Managing matrix teams can be tough; cross-functional, often geographically spread, multicultural teams with whom you often hold little formal authority pose the best of managers with a challenge.

Our matrix management training courses are designed to help team leaders understand and thrive in the matrix organisational environment.

Helping managers to motivate and drive positive engagement within teams and individuals, the training also focuses on how best to navigate the matrix structure and associated best practices.

Matrix Management Courses

Our training courses come in two forms:

  • Adapted courses are off-the-shelf courses that are ready to go. Delivered over half or full days, the contents have been developed, exercises designed and structure already tested over the past 10 years. Small adaptations are made to the course based on further understanding of a client's needs.
  • Bespoke courses are 100% tailored. The starting point is a client's needs and the result can be anything from a conventional training course, intensive consultation and program design, a day's interactive training with professional actors or a simple online webinar. We design what the client wants.

If you would like to see the content of our adapted course, please contact one of the team.

The topics below are typically covered and include (but are not limited to):

  • The makeup of high performing matrix teams
  • Differences in areas such as leadership, decision making and team collaboration vs traditional teams
  • The challenges of leading, integrating and motivating a matrix team
  • Appropriate communication and levels of control for matrix team leaders
  • Transitioning from leadership to functional engagement
  • Cross functional accountability for matrix team leaders
  • International considerations such as cultural drivers, language and time differences
  • Adapting leadership approaches and engagement tools to meet the needs of all members of international matrix teams
  • The challenges of working in a matrix team for team members
  • Strategies to ensure that communication, dealing with issues, escalation of ideas, appropriate levels of responsibility and decision making within the teams are facilitated

Case Study: Cross-Cultural Matrix Management
Our client was an IT company which had recently acquired another company in the UK. As a result of the take-over the British team had to start to integrate into the global matrix organisational structure that was in place. Most, if not all, managers struggled leading to poor productivity, loss of personnel and a downturn in revenues.
Our job was to reverse this through an intensive 3-day matrix management training course with 20+ senior managers in the UK. The course combined traditional training with intensive coaching.
The success of the course led to its replication in Germany at company HQ.

Commisceo Training Style

Our participants are diverse and so too are their learning styles. Based on a review of attendees, the intended training outputs and per-assessment activities, Commisceo trainers establish the most suitable training tools and methodologies to engage their participants.

These may include, for example, interactive group activities, discussions, brainstorms, case studies, problem solving, storytelling, role plays, buzz groups, presentations, lectures, online learning, webinars, visual materials and self-reviews.

Our training style is

  • Fun
  • Current
  • Engaging
  • Self-reflective
  • Constructive
  • Positive
  • Open-minded

Above all we believe our training style is effective.

Please contact one of the team if you have any questions.

One of our consultants will then call you to discuss your needs in more detail. Following this, they will develop a training solution which is most relevant to your company needs.