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Global Business Skills Courses

Global Business Skills Courses

Becoming a global business ninja is more than just skill - it's also about flexibility and focus. We've been training clients for +10 years in how to succeed internationally.

Courses in Selling Across Cultures

  • Bespoke & ready-to-go training courses on selling internationally and across cultures
  • Learn key skills needed to sell anything, anywhere regardless of culture
  • Culture-specific training content available for 90+ countries
  • Range of flexible training options and courses run across the globe

We have vast experience at designing and delivering sales training courses for clients across the globe – our speciality is the cross-cultural twist we give it.

Our clients come to us to help their sales teams better understand a region, a client, a country or a culture so that they can better serve their needs and provide excellent service.

Even the best sales person can find themselves out of their depth when selling on the international stage. Making a good impression, negotiating and closing deals in one’s home country can be significantly challenged when in a different cultural setting. The way you sell to someone in the Kuwait, for instance, is very different to the way in which you may sell to someone in Germany.

"Sales and selling differs from country to country, culture to culture."

Too many companies invest in creating a strong overseas’ offering which subsequently fails due to the sales process not being adequately trained and informed.

This is where we come in!

Our broad global sales training offering will equip you and your teams with a thorough understanding of the different layers of the sales process within your target markets; ensuring that your international ventures are both lucrative and successful and that your overall sales process is efficient.

Case Study: Selling into the GCC
Our client is a European video games manufacturer. The company had targeted the GCC region as an area for rapid short-term growth through the sales of some new titles that had been localized into Arabic.
The sales team had little knowledge of the region despite working with a distributor. Our role was in helping the team understand the region, it’s national and cultural make-ups, economies, demographics, business conditions, etc as well as a large emphasis on how to win deals and working with distributors. The 3-day training course left the team feeling fully confident in making the necessary tweaks to their sales plans for the region and implementing it will a renewed sense of purpose.
P.S. the games were and are a massive hit :)

Bespoke vs Adapted Courses

We provide both “adapted” as well as “bespoke” training courses.

Adapted courses are courses that we have designed and provide ready-to-go structure and content. These draw upon 10+ years of cross-cultural sales training we have delivered across industry, across the globe. Once we understand a bit more about a client’s needs we adapt them to suit. These are then delivered at a client’s location or a neutral location.

Bespoke courses are designed from scratch just as we did for the client in the case study above; our starting point is the client’s aims and objectives and from there we do our analysis of the client and the team to put together a proposal. The course is ultimately a lot more involved and specific to the client’s brief.

  • Flexible options
  • Online tools
  • Fresh content
  • Engaging training
  • Multilingual delivery
  • Global reach
  • Culture-specific sales experts
  • Specialist sales trainers

Sales Training Content

Content of our “adapted” courses can be received upon request; simply contact one of the team and we will send you the overview.

Content for “bespoke” courses are based on a client’s unique sales training needs. Commisceo adopts a purely tailored approach to training development meaning no two courses never look the same.

Main themes that are covered in cross-cultural sales training courses include:

  • The sales process in diverse multicultural settings, or, in specific international locations
  • The unique motivations and buying behaviours of your international prospects
  • Understanding cultural priorities during the sales process
  • The most effective approaches to build rapport and gain buy-in with your international prospects
  • Culturally relevant frameworks to ‘close the deal’
  • Recognising and managing intercultural dilemmas which may arise during the sales process
  • Dealing with a demanding mixed international customer base in areas such as retail or call centres

For your own course, just contact one of the team.

Our Training Style & Approach

We like to do things a bit differently. All our trainers we hand-pick for their character, know-how, vision and above all ability to deliver our training style and approach.

  • Current content that challenges stereotypes
  • Engaging teaching methods that inspire
  • Self-reflective learning styles that motivate
  • Constructive discussions that energise
  • Positive messages that deliver change

We take what we do seriously – as well as giving people the skills needed to sell across cultures, we don’t believe we can do this without bringing about conceptual change within people.

We want to build global people, not just sales people.

Case Study
Our client is a software company in Asia. As part of its recent global expansion it had the specific targets for the UK which it considered its most prestigious market in Europe. Sales teams based outside on the UK were responsible to securing deals; these however did not transpire.
Feedback had suggested the sales teams approached the market in a manner which may have led to poor initial sales due to not understanding UK conditions, specifically within their sector, as well as how Brits do business.
We ran numerous courses on a range of topics including sales, negotiation, etiquette, UK English, the software sector and relationship management at multiple sites in Asia.
The course was such a success we were asked to replicate it for all back-end staff also working on the UK project.

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